Hi everyone! Keeping your immune system strong is an important step to achieving optimal health. If you are looking for ways to boost your immunity and feel your healthiest, check out these 18 ways to boost your immunity by incorporating different foods into your diet. 

How can I boost my immune system and improve my health?

  1. Read the Immune-boosting Guide in The Earth Diet book 
  2. Eat only The Earth Diet recipes to fill your body on proper nutrition and nutrients.
  3. Eat only organic produce and meats.
  4. Eat a majority of raw, living, whole, organic foods
  5. Drink Immune Boosting Juice
  6. Drink Immune Boosting Tea
  7. Drink Lemon Water daily for vitamin C and cellular nutrition
  8. Get coffee enemas to stimulate your digestive system
  9. Drink Beet Juice to cleanse your colon
  10. Drink Green Juice to increase your energy
  11. Eat ginger
  12. Eat turmeric
  13. Eat garlic
  14. Drink clean water
  15. Eat alkalizing foods—sickness cannot survive in an alkaline body
  16. Drink bentonite clay
  17. Remember the adage: “Toxins out, nutrition in”
  18. Commit to feeling good: It is essential that we feel a good majority of the time. Cancer and illness cannot survive in a healthy body that feels good and has energy.