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Hi friends!

Wow – this is my very first blog on the brand-new website.

It’s taken a while to get this website together; I’m so excited that we all now get to enjoy it. I promise to provide health tips, inspiration, motivation, new recipes and the latest in the organic health world including news, new products, and food!

I am here to serve you and assist you in living your healthiest life yet. I am confident that I have these tools with my experience over the past nine years being full time in this health industry, studying, researching, working and doing Health & Nutrition Coaching.

You can come in and see me in person at Complete Wellness NYC where I am the resident Health & Nutrition Coach every Wednesday, or comment below if you have any questions or want to say hi!

Remember there is an alternative for EVERYTHING, so if you have been struggling with a particular health issue for a while, there is a solution which might be a remedy, recipe or new thoughts for the mind and emotions, so we have to find what that is for you!

Anything is possible with God, and I’ve seen all kinds of transformation!

Love Liana

P.S I’m excited to start my daily food journal again and show you guys what I’m eating in NYC and when traveling the world!