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Breakfast started at Juice Press, I had the cacao overnight oats and wow check it out I got super lucky it’s 1/2 cacao and 1/2 chia oat. It’s usually 1/3 cacao and 2/3 chia oat! Wow! Delicious way to start the day omg!
Next was dried mango.
The breakfast continued and I had a cacao hazelnut bar.
Exercise was walking to Juice Press and then walking around Central Park.
A bit later I had some chocolate peppermint patties that are sweetened with honey. I love that they are only sweetened with honey.
Lunch was a green juice and cassava chips! I had a green juice, the Mother Earth from Juice Press. The cassava chips omg sooooo good a must try! By Siete Foods. If you have tried them already you know what I mean 😉 !!
In the afternoon I sent a package to my editor from Hay House who is having a baby!! I am so excited for Nicolette and Matt! So I put together an organic natural parents-to-be essentials with some of my favorites and then foods and products especially for parents – yay! Hope they like it! Xx
Dinner was from Dig Inn. I had a bowl with Brussels sprouts, broccoli, chicken, brown rice, a rosemary vinaigrette dressing. Dig Inn seems to be a clean place to eat healthy high quality food – we can trust their ingredients at this point woo!
Dessert I went to Westerly Market and got a Rice Dream ice cream made with rice milk. I also got the Coconut Bliss Cookie Sandwich Ice Cream to save for another time haha!
Went to Central Park after that with a friend, we visited Strawberry Fields (John Lennon Memorial) and sung some songs – so fun! Let It Be is always a great sing-a-long.
Getting ready for working tomorrow at Complete Wellness NYC! Good night!
– Let it be, answers will come.
Love this lyric from John Lennon’s song “Let it Be”.
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