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Last night after I published my food journal I enjoyed this Coconut Bliss Ice Cream cookie with my friend Malia who is visiting. Love these oh my gosh coconut milk and gluten free cookie!
Today I worked at Complete Wellness NYC as Health & Nutrition Coach (Every Wednesday guys! Come see me for a new eating plan!)
It’s usually a 12 hour day so I eat quick foods-to-go but of course healthy ones. Breakfast was cacao overnight oats and green juice from Juice Press.
Patient brought in a blueberry muffin she made – it’s my brand new recipe in my book The Cancer Diet which is now available for pre-sales! I cannot even describe these muffins you guys, just so so so excited for you to try it! These are vegan and gluten free and sweetened with a combination of maple syrup, coconut sugar and apples! They are anti-cancer from the flax meal especially, and you can drop a apricot kernel in each one to make them even more potent. They are delicious most importantly 😉
Morning snack was another cacao overnight oats.
Lunch was the Split Pea Soup from Juice Press with their crackers.
Afternoon snack was the chocolate chip mint cookies that are made with almond flour and coconut sugar.
Dinner I ordered Sweetgreen salad from Postmates, the Guacamole Greens salad which has chicken, lime, avocado and corn chips.
After work I had done manuka honey – love these travel packets. Great for before a workout. I then did a light one hour workout at the gym at Complete Wellness, used the vibraflex machine, some weights and the bike. I also walked home by Central Park which is always refreshing.
For dessert I had a chocolate combo of the Hu Kitchen Cashew Butter Bar and the Living Raw Chocolate Raspberry Bar.
Also did you guys hear there is a new Hu Chocolate Flavor out? It’s the orange dream! Infused with orange oil and it’s absolutely a dream! So excited for you to try it!
Remember you can get 10% off your order at Vitacost.com when you use code: earthdiet at checkout. Most affordable + fun place to buy all your organic natural ingredients, foods and products!
Good night and p.s I have a surprise tomorrow! So excited to share in my blog tomorrow with you xx