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Hi guys! For mental health awareness, keep in mind we all are dealing with “stuff”. I know for sure that taking care of our body each day with nourishing whole foods, organic foods and vegetable juices takes care of our physical temple, nervous system and brain – this helps majorly with mental health.

What are you eating today? Let me know in the comments below.

Here is my food journal for yesterday, while I worked a 12 hour day at Complete Wellness NYC as Health & Nutrition Coach.

I went to Juice Press in the morning to stock up for the day since I see patients back to back with little breaks so preparation is key for my Wednesday’s!

Breakfast I had the cacao overnight oats and cacao hazelnut bar.

Morning snack I had the chocolate mint cookies and the aloe water.

Lunch I had the middle eastern bowl with quinoa and hummus and cauliflower.

Afternoon snack was a green juice.

Early evening I had a ginger tea to warm up my body!

When I got home I had a couple pieces of Hu chocolate the almond butter quinoa.

For dinner I had the guacamole greens salad from Sweetgreen. I ordered from Postmates.

A long day with lots of nourishment! Xx