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Today started early as I had an exciting visit planned to SLK school. First I spoke to the parents about the 4 biggest “food suspects” that are responsible for damaging our health.

They are:

1. Refined sugars including white sugar, cane sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, artificial sweeteners and corn syrup. This does not include fruits.

2. GMO’s. Yes those nasty genetically modified organisms that now is being proven to cause cancer and all kinds of birth defects. The list goes on. This includes roundup pesticide spray, artificial flavors and colors, fillers, and chemical ingredients that are hard to pronounce.

3. Gluten. Gluten in excess is just too much for the body to handle.

4. Dairy. Dairy in access is just too much for the body to handle.

Then I spoke to the students who are 6 years old. We did a fun game of focusing on mangosteen, a native fruit to Bali and so healthy and high in Vitamin C. If the kids can get it planted in their brain now to eat more mangosteen it will become a regular part of their diet.

Thank you so much to Jennifer and SLK school for having me today! I absolutely love your school – such a great healthy and positive vibe.

For lunch my sister and I ordered Bali Buda, I got the buckwheat pancakes and a beet juice. I also had some dried papaya.

Afternoon snack was 2 raw chocolates from Glow in Canggu right by the beach. And wow their food looks amazing I hope to go back. Their raw chocolate had flaxseeds in it wow!

In Bali they have “Go Jek” which is like our uber in USA! They ride scooters and take you places, and also deliver food. So cool!

Before dinner we went to Alive the organic store in Canggu. I got some rice milk to prep for my Chocolate MCT Shake (Nutiva) for tomorrow. Can’t wait so excited, it’s so delicious. I also got some Bali chocolate and ate some of it before reading it had “sugar” as the ingredient ahh! I assumed because it was in the organic store that it was coconut sugar. I wish they had used coconut sugar instead.

Dinner was at The Compassion , an American restaurant in Bali. I had the quinoa Thai salad and some roasted vegetables with Australian steak.