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Top Optin

Woke up so excited to go surfing this morning. Started the day with a Nutiva Chocolate MCT Shake. Just mixed it in a cup with a fork, 30-second shake! Love it! This kept me satisfied for hours, it’s all that medium chain triglycerides.

For brunch went to one of my favorite eating places in Canggu, The Shady Shack! I got the Cacao Dreams smoothie bowl. Wow, check out all the super nutrient-rich ingredients in it! I also got the avocado toast on sourdough bread. So so so nourishing wow! Also had some of my friend’s fruit platter. The tropical fruit is mind-blowing.

The setting and vibes of The Shady Shack are blissful chill. They even have a mango tree right at the entrance as you enter. Wow, fresh mango literally from their “front yard”.

Morning snack was raw chocolate from The Shady Shack.

Lunch was another chocolate MCT Shake. It’s my go-to when I’m busy and need some very quick homemade nourishment.

Dinner was takeaway from Give, a vegan restaurant/cafe. Their traditional Indonesian food is divine! I got the Nasi Goreng with rice and vegetables.

I’ve learned how to ride my own scooter around Bali this week as my sister drove me around last week. I drive past this quite often, a family drying rice in their drive away. They make good use of space here. It’s fascinating, so they dry the rice out in the sunshine then it gets put through a machine to remove the husk. It’s so freeing to ride a scooter!