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Today was so beautiful! The day started with bright blue skies. This is the view from my sister’s villa in Bali. It’s called Happy Days!

And this is the entrance to the Villa.

Breakfast was raw chocolate. This was the mint chocolate, made in Bali woo!

Morning snack was a chocolate MCT Shake. Just rice milk and Nutiva MCT chocolate powder.

Lunch was another shake. This is so so so fulfilling and nutrient dense. I’m so glad I packed the Nutiva MCT powder. So easy to mix into any nut milk. Healthy fats, the omegas keep our brain satisfied for hours.

Dinner was at O LALA, a French restaurant in Canggu. Wow it was amazing!!! Incredible French food! Highly recommend. I had a Pinot noir from France to start. Then I had to Lamb Confit, wow cooked to perfection. Flavors were sensational. I also had the Gambas and Paella Rice which was a dream, oh my goodness absolutely divine! The rice was like cake. That’s one of the best things about Bali, you can order 2 plates off the menu since they are around $7 each instead of $30+ each in USA. Everything is so affordable. It’s a foodies dream come true!

Dessert: We were all so full so no dessert at the restaurant. But later when I came home I had a couple hours work ahead of me and so made another Chocolate Shake.

I made a Phresh Greens before I went to bed.

Exercise was a surf in the afternoon and the gym with my sister in the morning.