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Hi friends!

Take aways from today:

– When in Bali drink “Balian” it’s from a volcano (Mount Agung) and said to be the purest and healthiest, no plastic or parasitic contamination.

– Pandan tea has benefits to help with cancer and be on the lookout it may even be a new trending superfood in the USA in 2019-2020.

– You can add superfoods to guacamole like moringa which has 25 times more iron than spinach!

Today was extra special. I was invited to lunch with a family who live in Seminyak Bali. They are originally from Paris but have been living in Bali for 8 years. Alex and Bounsy own a beautiful villa the “Balicosy Villa”. It’s certainly cosy with amazing energy. They are raising their beautiful daughters here and are extremely health conscious which is how we bonded in the first place!

Breakfast: I started the day with breakfast at Cafe Organic in Canggu. I got the “Lovers Pancakes” with whipped coconut cream.

Before I left for lunch I drank some bentonite clay water. This is helping keep my body clean during my visit to Bali, and absorbing any parasites that may enter!

Lunch: For lunch Bounsy created a beautiful spread of healthy foods. We had a mango salad, she sliced a mango as the base – wow! So sweet and delicious! What a great base for a salad, I’ve never thought of that before. And we also had prawn rice paper rolls, sushi, oh and guacamole with moringa! Bounsy loves to put moringa in as many foods as possible since it’s a powerful superfood that helps with inflammation and has 25 times more iron than spinach!

We had a great conversation at lunch, and talked about the food industry and farming practices in Bali. The water system is shocking. Thankfully Alex and Bounsy introduced to me to a healthy water solution in Bali, it’s called Balian and it’s from a volcano (Mount Agung). A lot of the water in Bali comes in plastic bottles, which is terrible because it’s so hot here and so the plastic leaches into the water – basically drinking plastic.

We also sipped on Pandan tea, which Bounsy predicts will be a new trending superfood just like moringa and mangosteen. Pandan tea has a similar appeal as green tea but without the caffeine. It’s very calming and is used as a pain reliever and also said to be effective for cancer. This is a great article on 19 health benefits of pandan: http://the-benefits.com/pandan-leaves/ I shared with Rybojad family that I have been drinking bentonite clay every other day while in Bali and that I recommend it for every person living here to help with the daily pollution.

Dinner: For dinner, I went back to Canggu and my sister and I ordered takeaway from a Vietnamese restaurant. It has a picture of a chicken on the packaging, although I’ve been avoiding chicken while in Bali. I’ll post a blog about how I avoided Bali belly and this is one of the reasons why!

Before bed, I made a Phresh Greens to ensure I had my daily greens. Greens every day!

No matter where we are in the world we can make healthy choices. Xx