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Takeaways for today:

– I tried a new plant medicine today, a lead called Kratom that helps with many things. It is a native coffee leaf (not a bean) and been used as traditional medicine and has stimulant effects. It’s used for depression, anxiety and opiate withdrawal. It can help with dependency. If you at struggle with painkiller addiction definitely check this out. I tried it because it was super green and alkalizing. Also helpful for diabetics. Check it out for yourself!

Breakfast: I started the day with a kratom drink. Wow, it is so so bitter, very green and leaves me with a feeling of being super cleansed and buzzed.

Then went to The Avocado Factory. I had the chocolate avocado mousse! It was amazing so smooth and creamy! I have a recipe for this in both my books (The Earth Diet and 10-Minute Recipes) guys, definitely a recipe worth making. And top it with delicious strawberries and blueberries.

My friend ordered the double iced mocha! It was a hot day today in Canggu. And the eggs Benedict with bacon. (Personally, I haven’t eaten eggs or bacon here in Bali. To avoid Bali belly.)

Lunch: For lunch, I had a fresh coconut water from Give. A vegan restaurant in Canggu, also a hotspot and is based on giving donations.

Afternoon snack: The raw chocolate hazelnut bar made in Bali that I’ve been eating regularly.

Dinner: Was at Ji, and oh my goodness must the the best Japanese food/sushi in Canggu. A little on the higher priced side for Canggu but so so worth it. Started with miso, seaweed salad, edamame and then ordered the lobster and the avocado roll.

Exercise today was 2 hours surfing! So much fun! 3.5/4 ft waves super chill.