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Takeaways from today: Be in the present moment, the past is dead, don’t live too much in the future or we get anxiety. Love everything, even the “bad” parts of ourselves, love the challenges we are facing, just accept them, hug them and love them for loving them will transmute them into light and peace, and they won’t have a hold over us anymore. Think today “What can I eat to give myself love?”

Breakfast: I fasted for breakfast since I had such a big dinner.

Lunch: I started the day at Crate, a hot spot for eating and drinking juices, smoothies and lattes in Canggu. It’s one my favorite places here and most visited. It was my last lunch with my sister as she flys to Melbourne today. She ordered the iced latte with almond milk and whipped coconut cream. I borrowed it for a photo hehe!

I ordered the Chia Boi again, omg it’s so divine! The chia seeds at the bottom, and then the banana and cacao on top with strawberries. Total heaven. I have recipes for both of these in my book “10-Minute Recipes” if you want to make it! Just put the Chia Seed Cereal at the the bottom, and then make the Chocolate Banana Smoothie on top, and add some sliced strawberries.

I also got the avocado toast on sourdough bread. I eat gluten on special occasions, and this sourdough bread is certainly one of those! It’s so divine! Sourdough is so much healthier for us and easier to digest.

The sunset tonight was stunning.

Dinner: For dinner,, we ordered in from Betelnut. My sister loves this place. I got the vegetarian curry. The curries in Bali taste extra coconutty! So fresh.

Dessert: I went to The Shady Shack and got the raw vegan caramel slice and the hazelnut chocolate.

What did you eat today? Let me know below in the comments! It’s helpful if you keep a food journal so you get into reality about what you are eating, you may realize you aren’t eating as bad as “you think”, or that it’s time to eat better. Either way, it’s no judgment, love it wherever you are in the process! Xx