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Takeaways for today: Spend time at the ocean. It’s healing for the soul, refreshing for the mind and invigorating for the body.

Before breakfast I made a bentonite clay drink and had that.

Breakfast: was at Crate Cafe Bali in Canggu. I had the dragon fruit smoothie “TOO GOOD 4 U” on their menu. And then I also got the CHIA BOI again, for the third time during my trip, because wow it’s so so so delicious!

Morning snack: I had a ginger tea.

Then I went surfing for about 2.5 hours! Surfing pics to come 🙂

For lunch I went to The Shady Shack and had the Cacao Smoothie and the raw chocolate caramel pie. Needed all those antioxidants after that surf!

For dinner with to Masons, another hotspot in Canggu. I shared plates with friends and had the Aussie lamb, a smoked tuna dip with cucumber, a broccoli salad, green beans and zucchini.

Before bed I made a Phresh Greens. Got to have those daily greens!