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Takeaways from today:

Your body enters the “fasting zone” or “fat burning zone” after no food for 12 hours. Anytime after this is when your body is burning fat. Fasting can be a great tool if you have overeaten, want to lose weight and or gain some mental clarity. If you haven’t tried fasting and want to give it a go, check with your doctor if it’s safe for you – it may not be for everyone depending on blood sugar levels. I fasted because I was traveling from Bali to NYC. It was a long trip and I wanted to avoid airplane food because we all know those aren’t always the highest quality meals. It’s also much easier to fast while we sleep – haha! But still works.

Breakfast: My first meal back can you guess where I went? None other than Juice Press! Woohoo! Got the overnight cacao oats and a green juice and a fireball kombucha.

Lunch: Was back at Juice Press for the Super Greens, their green soup and the aloe water. So delicious!

After lunch, I become the Duchess of Juice Press the 55th and 5th ave street location woohoo! On Yelp!

Afternoon snack: Wa raw mint chocolate that I got from Bali.

Dinner: Was from Sweetgreen, I got the Guacamole Greens Salad.

I stopped eating at 7pm today, so I’ll fast until tomorrow morning 10am. I have so much mental clarity doing this, consuming food all the time can distract the mind and take away energy because your body is in a constant state of “digesting”.

Also sent out this gift pack today to a great woman who came to my book signing event. She has been doing well by choosing organic ingredients so wanted to encourage her more with some of my favorite goodies.

Exercise today was walking around the city. I did some body love affirmations.

3 weeks until Christmas and NYC is looking very vibrant and festive. Great to be home in my apartment! Xx