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Top Optin

Takeaways for today: There are certain foods that are just not good enough for our body, period. So we shouldn’t let them in! Stay away from anything that says “zero calories”.

Today I was back at Complete Wellness NYC. Come and see me! The first consultation is complimentary, so I can check out your diet and make some suggestions.

This is what happens when I’m your Health & Nutrition Coach at Complete Wellness though…. anything like this in your bag gets confiscated… hehe! It’s better off in the trash. (Or recycled).

Breakfast: Was a green tea, peppermint chocolate from Bali (sweetened with Lontar Nectar), the cacao overnight oats from Juice Press and the chocolate chip mint cookies (sweetened with coconut sugar), and made with almond flour so gluten-free.

I fasted for 14 hours today, so 2 hours in the fat burning zone. I stopped eating at 7pm last night, so had breakfast at 9am.

Lunch: Was from Hu Kitchen! Organic paleo food. I ordered from Postmates. Use my Postmates code and get $100 in delivery fee credit! Epic! Code is: TGLXDS

I ordered the 1/4 organic chicken with grass-fed meatloaf and roasted broccoli! Ohhhh yum!

Dinner: I had a green juice from Juice Press.

I finishing consuming today at 5pm today, so I plan to fast for 15 hours until 8am tomorrow. Also since it’s winter here in NYC it starts getting dark at 4:30pm so naturally the body wants to wind down earlier and eat dinner earlier.

Having an early restful night because flying to Nashville tomorrow. Was great to be back at Complete Wellness today, and we are all wearing our Bali bracelets woohooo!!

Goodnight! Xx