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Takeaways for today: even if you are a meat eater (I am), incorporating more plant-based (vegan) foods is always a good idea!

Breakfast: I didn’t fast today so I had a cacao hazelnut chocolate from Juice Press.

Lunch: I went to By Chloe with Roxxe! It’s a vegan restaurant chain and so so so tasty! I had the classic which is a tempeh-lentil-chia-walnut patty and wow so delicious! I got a gluten free bun, and then some air dried fries. I also got the CBD infused chocolate cupcake. I’m not sure about all their ingredients yet, I need to look into it more as I’m not certain that By Chloe are using all non-GMO ingredients.

Afternoon snack: was a handful of organic walnuts.

Dinner: I made a CBD infused pesto sauce and added it to Explore Cuisine edamame spaghetti. Delicious! And 30 grams of protein per plate – wow! I’ll be filming this for News 12 this week and it will air in the New Year.

After dinner, I made a Phresh Greens for my daily green drink and then had a vodka with Juice Press fireball kombucha, and 2 tequila with sparkling water. I then had 3 activated charcoal supplements before bed.