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Takeaways for today:

– If you aren’t sure whether to try something with your health, like fasting, or juicing etc just “try it”, do an experiment. Say ‘I’ll try this for 3 days or 3 weeks.’ Trust your intuition and see how it goes. It’s better to take some action and learn from it and adjust, then take no action at all. It took me 12 months to try intermittent fasting. I finally did and am so glad, wow what a major difference it’s made!

Breakfast: I skipped breakfast as I was fasting. I stopped eating at 7:30pm last night and ate at 3:30 today. I did a Hot HIIT class at 2pm at Bode Yoga. I wanted to try a workout while intermittent fasting as you burn way more fat and calories. It makes sense as your body isn’t using up any food for fuel, it’s using what we have as fuel.

First thing I had after the workout was these Heavenly Organics chocolate peppermint patties sweetened with honey.

Lunch: The lentil mushroom soup from Juice Press.

Dinner: went to By Chloe and had The Guacamole Burger and the air baked fries.

After dinner had 1/2 my green juice from Juice Press from yesterday. I stopped eating today at 7pm so tomorrow I’ll fast until at least 10am.

Dessert: was cacao overnight oats and hazelnut chocolate from Juice Press.

NYC city is looking so festive and beautiful. Getting ready for work tomorrow at Complete Wellness NYC. Love being the Health & Nutrition Coach there. I hope you had a great day of eating. Xx