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Takeaways from today:

It is never ever never never never ever ever ever too late to change our life! It’s never too late to change our diet and incorporate new healthy habits. Giving up is never ever an option.

Breakfast: I fasted until 10:30am. First thing I did today was go to Juice Press and stock up on a few essentials for the day. I got water including aloe water, cacao hazelnut chocolate, chia seed overnight oats, and a green protein bar.

It’s Wednesday so as some of you know every Wednesday I work as Health & Nutrition Coach at Complete Wellness NYC and coach patients which I absolutely love! So proud of one of the patients who came in stocked up on Juice Press for a few days! This is excellent meal prepping.

Lunch: For lunch I went back to Juice Press and had some aloe water and hazelnut chocolate.

Dinner: for dinner I ordered Sweetgreen, the guacamole greens salad from Postmates. (Use code: TGLXDS for $100 in delivery credit!)

When I got home I made a Phresh Greens to make sure I had my daily chlorophyll.

After dinner I was still so hungry so went to Westerly Market and got some Jem’s Cashew almond butter, some peppermint patties and some Simple Mills almond flour crackers.

I stopped eating today at 9pm so I’ll fast tomorrow until after my News 12 segment at 1:30. But we will see how that goes, unless I’m starving before it!

Heading to Southampton in the morning to film a segment with News 12, it will be the first time I show a CBD infused recipe on the news.

Today was an exceptional day and a big part of that due to one of the patients at Complete Wellness NYC. Malina lost 45 pounds in 7 months which is truly remarkable. She has transformed her health and her life. We filmed a Facebook Live if you want to check It out and see what she ate, what she cut out and her favorite recipes that made a difference. Xx

P.S. To get these products go to Vitacost.com and use my code: earthdiet for 10% off your entire order – every-time! Enjoy happy healthy shopping.