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Takeaways from today: Just do the best you can do, that’s all you can ask for!

I cannot believe I woke up to this view this morning in Malibu! It was so breathtaking and beautiful – what can we do in a moment like that other than take it all in and be so grateful?!

Breakfast: I fasted in the morning until 10:30am and Jill (Models Do Eat) and I went for a 7 mile run on Malibu Beach! It took us 1 hour and 16 minutes. Wow, that sand is a hardcore workout! I was so grateful to be able to run on the beach because there was a time when I was far too sick to be able to even comprehend any exercise at all. It’s amazing the healing and transformation that is available to us. We also saw dolphins on the run and they were swimming parallel to us, it was truly magical.

We had a stretch after the run.

After the run, we went to SunLife Organics and shared the “Athlete Smoothie” which had banana, blueberry, hemp seeds, glutamine, and hemp milk and added some greens powder. We took out the whey. I also tried a new bar for the first time, the “Elemental” mulberry, cacao and spirulina and wow wow wow!!! My new favorite healthy bar! It was absolutely delicious! A superfood seed bar.

Morning snack: I had a piece of organic sourdough with some olive oil and Selina’s sea salt. And Nelly’s organic nougat bar.

Jill and I also did some productive work for her new book that’s coming out “Models Do Eat”. I am honored to have contributed a chapter “Unhealthy Foods made Healthy” and include recipes with my favorite kitchen staples SunButter Sunflower Butter, Hu Kitchen, Nutiva and Explore Cuisine! I cannot wait for you guys to see this book! It’s so inspiring because people think that models starve themselves (some do) but you don’t have to! It’s about proper nourishment with REAL FOODS.

I love all the healthy foods and healthy activities that Jill and I do every time we catch up!

The book is available now for pre-order on Amazon: Models Do Eat: More  Than  100  Recipes  for  Eating  Your  Way  to  a  Beautiful,  Healthy  You: https://amzn.to/2EocWLN

Lunch: was at Cafe Gratitude with friends Geney and Ed. We were discussing new products for me to make and sell on Amazon, what do you think about a mini trampoline (rebounder), tongue scraper and food journal?! Those are the things we came up with.

At Cafe Gratitude, they name all their meals with an IAM affirmation. It’s so clever, just looking at the menu and ordering from it puts you in a positive state! We had the IAM Intuitive (fries), IAM Eclectic (Buffalo Cauliflower), IAM Humble (curry), IAM Whole and IAM Devoted (Indonesian Bowl). For dessert, we had the IAM Opulent (Gluten Free Cookie with vegan ice cream). Everything here is organic, vegan, a lot of gluten-free options and so tasty! Love visiting with in LA.

The question of the day from the waiter was: what do you love most about your life?

Geney answered “Everything” and I would have to agree! May as well be grateful for it all, even the hard stuff or mistakes because it was all a lesson!

Afternoon snack: I went to Beverly Hills to get my hair styled for a gala and I had a green tea and another Nelly’s Organic Bar.

Dinner: Was at the Rising Glen Holiday Gala by Sarah and Craig Clemens, a night to benefit the Humane Society of Ventura County in caring for animals harmed and displaced by the recent wildfires. I made a donation to the HSVS and if you would like to I encourage you to check out www.HSVC.org. You can also learn more about the animals being saved by HSVC here: https://www.facebook.com/hsvc.org/

I had some of the vegan “sushi” that was delicious wow and on top of the cucumber. What a great combo! I also had some fruit skewers and a few kombucha and tequilas! My first drink was a cacao and almond milk combo with some vodka! Very interesting, and some cacao nibs on top. Wow, a superfood adult beverage bar, so cool! Love that in some places we can get kombucha with tequila (instead of soda). It’s not really in bars yet I’m just trying to manifest that more haha!

Santa was giving out copies of Max Lugavere’s book “Genius Foods” and Tero’s book about mushrooms!

It was great to see everyone tonight, especially my favs who are doing such epic amazing work in the Health & Wellness industry! Tonight included:

James Maskell creator of the Functional Forum, the World’s Largest Integrative Medicine Conference

Sarah DeAnna author of Supermodel You pub Hay House and an enthusiast for changing your DNA.

Sahara Rose best selling author of Ayurveda nutrition books, Foreword by Deepak Chopra!

Cassandra Bodzak author of Eat With Intention

Brette Ashley founder of The Her Feed

Sarah Pendrick founder of Girl Talk Network

And of course Craig Clemens and Sarah Stewart (Sarah’s book is coming out with Hay House in 2020 woo!)

I hope you had a great day of eating! Xx