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Takeaways from today:

– Wow, anything truly is possible. Today I ate the most delicious mind-blowing unbelievable gluten-free AND vegan bagel and like wow seriously you guys!!!! If a bagel so healthy can be made to taste this delicious, we really can enjoy the best tasting foods for the rest of our life!

– On that notes, it’s also possible to heal ANYTHING. We have to live in hope that this is possible. I will not accept that we have to suffer from something our entire lifetime, it’s not so, it’s not true, we don’t have to remain in bondage, healing is possible no matter what it is!

Breakfast: was a smoothie from Earth Bar. It was custom made nicknamed the “Genius” by Max Lugavere and Craig Clemens. It was wow mind blowing delicious and packed with superfoods including maca, cacao nibs, and MCT oil.

Lunch: was at my friend Cassandra Bodzak in Santa Monica with Sahara Rose. We did vision boarding and wow Cassandra made the almond flour bagels! I cannot wait until she shares the recipe. Absolutely unbelievable. Bagel lovers you will appreciate these!!

Cassandra is the author of Eat With Intention! Amazing. Check out her book 🙂

She also made an almond milk chia chai pudding with fresh blueberries.

And also MAJOR surprise!!! Our friend Sahara Rose (author of Idiots Guide to Ayurveda Foreword by Deepak Chopra also check out her book!) surprised us with a scratch card that said: “Be my bridesmaid”!!! Wow sooooo excited! Of course, we said yes! Her wedding will be in Hawaii next year, very exciting.

Afternoon snack: was at Erewhon market. I had some Hail Merry’s cookie dough (and eeek sorry guys it was a bit bland for my taste, I will always be honest with you. But just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean you won’t. But cookie dough should be like mind-blowing and it just lacked fulfillment, it was quite dry. Their other desserts like the pies are unbelievable though!) This is a good alternative however to conventional cookie dough but don’t be surprised if you aren’t totally satisfied with it. It’s important for me to share these things because if you are just transitioning over from a processed lifestyle to a natural one, you want to make sure you try all the products that make you more excited about organic foods. Some people try things and they get disappointed and deterred so it’s about finding the right brands!

I also had some Hu Kitchen Chocolate Covered Cashew Hunks which are brand new and delicious! They are now available on Vitacost woohoo for a discounted price. Use my code: earthdiet for 10% off!

Then I had orange, lemon, ginger, chlorophyll, E3 Live and cayenne pepper shot from Erewhon market and wow it was delicious and talk about a zing!

Dinner: was with friends Sarah & Craig back in West Hollywood. We had coconut rice, salmon, chicken, and salad. Dessert was a gluten-free cupcake.

Exercise today was stretching and yoga outside in the sun. I also did 20 minutes of prayer and meditation. I am wanting to get prayer and meditation to one hour a day! That’s my goal for 2019. I always feel more solid, sturdy and grounded throughout the day when I pray and meditate more.

My outfit today. Yay love combining food and fashion. I hope you had a great weekend! Let’s power through the week! Xx