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Takeaways from today:

– Life is a challenge and can often feel like a battle, so drinking green juice daily and a ginger tea can help keep the immune system strong, inflammation down, joints moving and body flexible. Each day is a new opportunity to nourish the body. Do what you know you have to do, even if it’s hard!

Breakfast: Didn’t fast today. Had a green juice from Juice Press and 2 Living Raw Chocolate Bars!

Morning snack: chocolate chip cookies from Juice Press (dehydrated).

Lunch: was salt & pepper Kettle chips and 3 packs of Yum Earth candy. Holiday food lunch!

Dinner: organic tacos! Grass-fed beef with my taco seasoning spices from the recipe in my “10-Minute Recipes” book, and fresh organic toppings including lettuce, avocado, carrot and tomato.

Dessert: Organic peppermint bark!