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Takeaways from today

– The Christmas spirit is in the heart, not so much found under the tree. 

Breakfast: started with a ginger tea. Used a tea bag instead of fresh ginger. I had a Whenever Bar by Pamela’s – wow so good! Tastes like a cake! Also had some Justin’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. 

Then got into the kitchen and was making food all day long!

It was a team effort. We made Chocolate Brownies (using King Arthur mix) and Nutiva buttery coconut oil instead of butter. 

Then I crushed some organic candy canes (no corn syrup) to add to the Cashew Ice Cream bites with Chocolate Sauce (recipe in my 10-Minute Recipes book). 

We also made a pumpkin pie using a pumpkin purée, condensed coconut milk and a gluten free crust (King Arthur box mix) with Nutiva buttery oil instead of butter. 

I roasted 2 organic chickens with the Redmond seasoning mix, wow so simple that’s all we need, olive oil, the chicken and the Redmond seasoning. It was perfect! 

Lunch: I had the xxx green juice from the Giving Room. And then grazed all day on everything we were making! 

Afternoon snack: I made bacon wrapped scallops. Applegate bacon wrapped in local bay scallops! Local to Greenport on the Northfork of Long Island. 

Dinner: I had some red wine and everything that we cooked today… organic chicken, gravy, (actually every single ingredient used was organic), roast potatoes, roast Brussels sprouts, mash potatoes with Milkadamia instead of dairy and Nutiva buttery coconut oil instead of butter. Also had peas. Also had some organic bread that Peter made. Wow a good time to eat gluten! 

Dessert: was everything we made today, the Cashew Ice Cream bites, chocolate brownies, pumpkin pie and blueberry pie.

Today was a LOT of food and a great example of how you can enjoy all your favorite holiday food but in an organic healthy way. 

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Xx