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Takeaways from today:

– Don’t be ashamed of anxiety, don’t push it away and try to avoid it. When we try to run away from anxiety we usually run towards quick impulsive decisions like binge eating on junk food. Here is an affirmation for when anxiety hits “I honor my anxiety and welcome divine guidance.” (Affirmation from Gabby Bernstein.)

It is Wednesday and so I work at Complete Wellness NYC, a medical health center on Upper East Side! Today I saw 8 patients, it was a quieter day but still an 11 hour day. So I always eat more on these days. When we work more our brains need more fuel. 

Breakfast: I fasted until 12:30 which means I was 2 hours in the fasting zone because I stopped eating last night at 10:30pm. After I published my blog from yesterday I ate a Hu Kitchen Hazelnut Bar. I was craving major magnesium and had anxiety about thinking of the New Year. I’m not ashamed that I get anxious at times (who doesn’t?) and it’s something I continue to pray about and work on. So breakfast was cacao overnight oats and dried mango from Juice Press

Lunch: was a green juice and Guacamole Greens salad from Sweetgreen with avocado, corn ships, natural chicken, greens, and a lime dressing. 

Afternoon snack: was cacao hazelnut chocolate and another cacao overnight oats from Juice Press. 

Dinner: was from Dig Inn I had rice, greens, broccoli, carrots, and chicken. 

Also, you guys my New Year Vitacost haul just arrived! 🤗 This is how we set ourself up for a successful healthy start to the year. Don’t keep unhealthy foods in your home, clean them out of your cupboards and fridge. Donate them to people who need foods, but don’t keep them around if they are a temptation for you. When you stock up your kitchen with healthy nourishing foods that are also delicious it’s much easier to be healthier! Let your kitchen reflect who you want to be! 2019 is the year for breaking old habits and creating your dream health and experiencing the best health that is available to you! Yayyy! 🙌🏻 p.s use code: earthdiet to save an extra 10% off 👌🏻 (most affordable place to buy all natural & organic foods + products online!) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

These are my top New Year picks that will help us get into 2019 and help us with any cravings that come up:

1. Explore Cuisine red lentil penne with Rao’s Homemade a quick 10-minute dinner and a match made in heaven 😇 

2. Sunbutter just sunflower seeds 🌻 tasty alternative to peanut butter and almond butter. Less saturated fats. 

3. Hu Kitchen to fulfill those chocolate cravings

4. Ancient Nutrition collagen for beautiful hair, nails, and skin 

5. Phresh Products a household staple! An easy way to have greens every day! 

6. Nutiva buttery coconut oil for when you want butter but it’s just coconut oil 🤤

7. Milkadamia made from macadamia nut milks! A must try nut milk 😋

8. Redmond Real Salt seasoning for the most simple cooking made sooo tasty! Amazing salt minerals from Utah

9. Redmond Clay (ladies its natures Botox) and drink it to remove impurities from the body like heavy metals, toxins, and parasites 

10. Sovereign Silver for keeping the immune system super strong 💪🏻

ALSO, I am doing a giveaway on The Earth Diet Instagram starting today until NYE when I will pick a winner for a $100 gift voucher to shop on Vitacost.com just comment on the post and say which food or product you want to try and WHY!