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25 Top NEW Food Trends spotted at Expo West

By Liana Werner-Gray, Health Researcher, Journalist, Best-Selling Author, Influencer, Natural Food Chef

Expo West… we call it the Super Bowl of the Health industry. It takes months to prepare, sometimes up to nine, and the weeks leading up to this give day event is intense. But it’s so worth it. I look forward to it every year. I get to see all the brands I love, the people who run the companies, plus try the newest foods before they hit the market.

Basically, all the brands and foods you see at Whole Foods, are at Expo West. This year was over 86,000  attendees and over 3,000 vendors. Meaning a lot of booths for us to visit and try all the foods.

From the days spent walking the show and visiting the booths, finally, here is my recap of my top 25 favorite NEW food trends that I spotted at Expo West, and that you will see in stores very soon:

1.THE NEW RICE! Yes, it’s finally here, we can finally say goodbye to rice, or say I’ll see less of you. Rice has just become so heavy and linked to gut issues and brain fog. This “new rice” is made with single ingredients; either chickpeas or red lentils. And it’s in the shape of rice. It cooks in 7-9 minutes, way less than regular rice! It’s by Explore Cuisine, the most loved gluten-free pasta line in the world! It goes great as a risotto, in a salad and also with a vegetable stir fry or curry. I also did a book signing here, which I write about below in the Expo Highlights.

2. The new non-GMO and organic Sunbutter! This has been out for a little while but I’m including it here in the “new” items because hardly anyone knows about it!! Sunbutter is a jar of roasted sunflower seeds ground into a smooth buttery spread just like peanut butter and almond butter! But it’s not a nut, so it’s great for everyone with a nut allergy!

3. Hu Kitchen Chocolate Gems, baking chocolate that is soy free, dairy free and uses coconut sugar. Cane sugar-free. FINALLY! So excited about this!

4. Redmond Clay new charcoal face masks

5. Nutiva Chocolate Coconut Manna

6. Ancient Nutrition Hemp CBD MCT

7. Explore Cuisine Ramen Noodles

8. Organic Gemini TigerNut Mylk

9. Hu Kitchen Chocolate Hunks

10. Food for Life Ezekiel Flax Wraps

11. Honest Company Mascara with Cathy Alba

12. Celtic Sea Salt Coconut Oil Pulling

13. Once Upon a Farm

14. Sovereign Silver – copper!!!

15. Complete Hemp CBD

16. Babo Botanicals

17. Simple Mills Baking Mix

18. Organic Gemini TigerNut brownie mix

19. Good Catch

20. Milkadamia butter

21. Siete taco shells

22. Enjoy Life Breakfast Ovals (they won a NEXTY)

23. The Honest Stand

24. Rise Kombucha

25. Four Sigmatic

Not new but love for their consistency to pump out great healthy life-changing products for us. 15 household game-changing staples:

Favorite 15 Highlights which includes random encounters and some of my favorite people spotted at Expo:
My four book signings:

  • Sunbutter

  • Nutiva

  • Explore Cuisine
  • At the Explore Cuisine booth I signed my book “10-Minute Recipes” which includes some Explore Cuisine recipes since the pasta cooks in under 9 minutes, some just 3 minutes! Way less than conventional pasta, plus way tastier and not to mention healthier (no gluten means no bloat woo!) We also did a book signing for “Models Do Eat “book with Jill DeJong and Sarah Deanna which has 10 models Co-author and include our favorite recipes. Two of my Explore Cuisine recipes are included, the Green Lentil Lasagna and Buffalo Chicken Penne.

Pics for this are below in the highlights woo!

  • Redmond real salt

  • Bob’s Red Mill turned 90!

  • Donation box

  • Ancient Nutrition

  • John Roulac bringing actual hemp plants to expo RE Botanicals CBD Oil
  • Jeffrey Smith
  • Max Goldberg
  • Marci
  • Drew Manning
  • Cappello’s
  • Josh Trent
  • Josh Axe new book

  • Jae Bae at my book singing
  • Expo squad

  • Vmg party with Madalyn