Here are 25 reasons to LOVE The Earth Diet – for your health, for your life!

  1. It is simple to understand.
  2. The guidelines are easy to follow.
  3. The recipes are delicious.
  4. It’s appropriate for those who choose to eat exclusively raw or vegan—and also for those who want to eat some meat, fish, and eggs along with their plant-based foods.
  5. You can eat how much you want, whenever you want—as long as you adhere 100 percent to the principles of The Earth Diet.
  6. You can eat dessert every day if you want to—and not gain weight. The Earth Diet allows you to be decadent, as well as healthy!
  7. Your body will naturally return to its optimal weight without struggle.
  8. You’ll feel energized because your body is highly nourished
  9. You’ll look terrific with healthy hair and radiant skin.
  10. Your brain will function at its peak.
  11. Your vision will improve.
  12. You’ll sleep like a baby.
  13. Your aches and pains from inflammation will disappear.
  14. You won’t be held back anymore by fatigue.
  15. Your mood will be uplifted.
  16. You may never get another head cold again.
  17. Every dream you have for your health can become possible!
  18. By listening to your body, you’ll come to trust your innate wisdom.
  19. You’ll feel excited to eat your meals—instead of afraid or guilty.
  20. If you do eat junk food from time to time, you’re permitted to enjoy it. Adding guilt to a less healthy food choice is counter to the tenets of The Earth Diet.
  21. You’ll be encouraged to think more positive than negative thoughts.
  22. By using locally grown produce, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint.
  23. By eating local foods, you’ll be supporting the economy in your region.
  24. By eating seasonal produce, you’ll experience diversity throughout the year.
  25. You will feel at one with Mother Earth—part of nature.