Takeaways from today

– Life isn’t perfect, but your salt can be! Hehe. But seriously only the best quality foods should be allowed in your body. Real Salt is pure minerals and something to be embraced to assist in our health and healing.  I’m not shy in putting salt in my recipes and cooking, and that’s because we need this essential mineral. We shouldn’t be afraid of the right kind of salt in our diets. We SHOULD be afraid of that crazy table salt though, for sure! 

Some cool facts about Real Salt that I learned today:

– the seabed in which Real Salt comes from us 150 million years old!  

– Redmond, Inc. started mining salt in 1958  

– Their cows will eat 1 pound of clay and 1 pound of salt a day! Wow, talk about mineral rich cows! 

– Real Salt contains 60 minerals 

Aside from adding Real Salt to my food, I also use it as a face scrub when I feel like my face can use an exfoliant. Just mix a spoon of salt in the palm of your hands with some coconut oil and mix, then rub on your face in circular motion. 

Then it also makes an amazing sea salt bath! Just add a cup to a bath and mmm relax and enjoy. 

After being underground in the salt mine my skin and lungs felt SO refreshed. Salt caves are so good for respiratory issues, to maintain good lung health, or if you have lung cancer. 

P.S I get my Real Salt from Vitacost.com at a discounted price, and you can use code: earthdiet to get an extra 10% off your order.

After the salt tour, we went to see where the bentonite clay comes from! I first started consuming bentonite clay 10 years ago when I had the tumor in my throat. I drank it daily and also bathed in it plus put it on the outside of my neck to help draw it out. This was so surreal, a true dream come true to see where Redmond Clay comes from! Wow! I recommend it to anyone with parasites and wants to purify their body. That’s what the clay does – purifies! 

Breakfast: I fasted until 11:30 am and started with some Simple Mills gluten-free cookies – yum! 

Lunch: I had some Simple Mills almond flour crackers with Turkey Jerky (great combo) and an organic grapefruit that I brought with me from NYC that Nutiva sent me yay! 

Dinner: For dinner, we went to the Redmond Heritage Farm store and cafe and WOW this place is what makes me excited to be alive right now. For one they make organic fries (organic potatoes) cooked in coconut oil and seasoned with Real Salt. And their burgers are made from their own grass-fed mineral-rich beef. Incredible! They also use organic ingredients from their farm! 

I was with Robert Scott Bell family and Jacqueline and Paul Barritero, and so we naturally also had a chocolate feast! Haha! We had some Hu Kitchen Chocolate, some Living Raw Caramel bars, and some Raw Mio. 

After dinner, we went and recorded a segment for the Robert Scott Bell Show which will air tomorrow, Sunday at 1pm ET. Check it out on RobertScottBell.com We talk about the power heal is yours! And talk healing through frequency water, mistletoe injections, and love + forgiveness.

I then made a green drink! Tried a new one which was interesting. 

Dessert: Was a shot of grape juice! Pure grapes juiced from my friend’s vine!! So sweet and potent with antioxidants wow. 

Getting ready for a snowboarding trip tomorrow to Sundance yay! Will probably pack snacks in my pockets and then planning to make a huge batch of soup in the evening. Xx