Takeaways from today

– Looking back on how I used to deal with pain vs how I deal with it today… an am grateful for the growth. Sometimes life seems so unbearable and painful but it’s just a storm and we always get through it, eventually! Today was a lot of crying and tears for me as I was dealing with some parts of this business that are just really painful to me. It felt incredibly painful but during it I kept thinking, tomorrow I’ll feel better and tonight maybe as well, so I kept doing small things to move forward for the day and do some tasks that needed to get done. I’m so glad I was able to press forward today and now I feel way better. Years ago I would have stayed in bed and binge ate on junk food. Thank God for transformation and to be free of that! 

Breakfast: After a run, I had some fresh squeezed organic orange juice, but legit fresh OJ squeezed at home vs from a store that says “fresh squeezed” lol! Alexander Rowsom was adamant I put his “signature” thumbs up and he wants to see if this will make it to Google haha (he’s 10 and very excited about the Internet.) 

I also had some cashew almond butter from Jem Organics

Lunch: was chocolate! I stocked up on the new Hu Chocolate Hunks! And Chocolate hazelnut bars. I had an entire bag of the chocolate covered cashews, trust me it’s easy to do haha! 

(Get them at a discounted price from Vitacost.com and use code: earthdiet for an extra 10% off). 

Afternoon snack: Was a fresh made organic green juice from The Market in Greenport. I had the “Greenport” juice…. sooo green and sooo refreshing! Monica had the “Tall, Dark & Handsome which was almond milk, cacao, and banana.” The green water here is from after drinking the juice I filled it with water to make sure to get all the nutrients possible that were leftover. And now it’s green water woo! 

Dinner: I made! Homemade dinner woo! I made a new recipe, a red curry soup with Explore Cuisine rice noodles with fresh lime and sprouts. The recipe will be on my Vitacost blog soon. 

I made it with low carb Keto bread! Which was delicious! The recipe will be on my Vitacost blog soon too! Ingredients were: almond flour, coconut flour, TigerNut flour, vegan sour cream, eggs, Nutiva buttery coconut oil, and spices rosemary, sage, and parsley. 

Right before dinner, I had a handful of raw carrots. 

Dessert: a cashew ice cream bite! Sooo divine! Recipe in my 10-Minute Recipes book

Exercise today was a 6 mile run with coach Elizabeth Hughes. And then I went to the gym with Monica and we did some weights! Love getting in more exercise on the weekend. Especially if it’s outdoors. I also did a 40-minute infrared sauna which was heavenly! 

This was a flashback to this time last year when I was in Colorado for New Years! This year I’ll be in NYC. 

I hope you had a great Sunday and pre-New Years Eve!!