Healthy soils grow healthy foods! I spent the weekend in Long Island, it’s so nice to be back on Long Island and checking out my friend’s compost! Have you ever tried composting? 

This is a “worm cafe”. It’s a nice and tidy way to put your food scraps in and support an environment for worms. Growing up in Australia our mum also had a compost, I loved not throwing out any food bits, and knowing it was going back into the earth, creating healthy soils and then growing food!

In my new book Anxiety-Free with Food, I talk about how healthy soil is connected to our gut health and believe it or not our mental health. It will serve us to know where and how our food is being grown. We don’t want to eat foods that are grown right next to big factories that are producing huge amounts of pollution, for this goes into the soil and depletes it of vital nutrients needed to grow nutrient-giving foods.

We also want the water supply that irrigates the crops to be clean and uncontaminated by industrial runoff. Our soils have become contaminated with pesticides and other toxic chemicals. This is why it’s important to buy organic fruits and vegetables because the soil must meet certain requirements. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) have been found in soils that grow foods, and they accumulate in the soil. PAHs are naturally produced by forest fires and volcanoes. But most are emitted by coal gasification plants, smokehouses, motor vehicle exhaust (less in diesel), burning refuse, used tires, municipal incinerators, and some aluminum production facilities—in facilities that are part of industries which produce or use coal tar, coke, or bitumen (asphalt). The food grown in these soils is extremely poor and is carcinogenic, which not only causes cancer but mental health issues as well.