We all have a choice every day of what we put into our bodies. We have a choice to decide, “Today I will have a juice, smoothie, tea, and raw meal” —or not. We have a choice to eat healthy foods or not. Consider we also have a choice to feel good or not. It is a choice from moment to moment. 

Luckily for us, there are billions of moments each day, and each moment is an opportunity to make a new choice. We get to keep re-choosing. This is how many thousands have ended their food addictions and habits, by realizing if we eat something unhealthy, the next choice we can make is to eat something healthy. We are not trapped in a vicious cycle; we have the power to choose. 

If you don’t believe you have control over choices, breathe right now, feel yourself breathe, hear it. That conscious breath represents you driving the wheel in your own life.

Some people have a tough time getting started. It does get easier, and the healthier you get, the easier it gets. When we feel good, we are attracted to foods that keep us feeling good. 

When you think, I can’t do it, reframe that thought: Remember you either can, or you can’t! 

Consider this:

• Being tired the majority of the time is not normal. 
• Feeling sick the majority of the time is not normal.
• Feeling depressed the majority of the time is not normal.
• Feeling bad the majority of the time is not normal. 
• Feeling guilty the majority of the time is not normal. 

Many people say that prior to living The Earth Diet lifestyle they accepted they felt bad and sick the majority of the time. Once they began using The Earth Diet recipes and experiencing the health and energy that comes from them, they learned how good the human body was designed to feel. 

Consider this:

• We all want to feel good. When we get sick our bodies’ natural reaction is to do things to get better. It is our natural state to feel good. It is in our best interest to feel good.
• Stress is more likely to come from lifestyle choices, than from our genes. 
• You can choose to live The Earth Diet lifestyle fully, or just incorporate bits of it into your life. Either way, you are going to feel better.