Takeaways from today

– Life isn’t always perfect, and the not-so-pleasant times always pass. To help it pass quicker we can drink green juice, nourish our body and hang in there one task at a time. 

Breakfast: I fasted so had breakfast at 1pm which was a green juice from Westerly Market with kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley, lemon, ginger, and orange. 

And some Heavenly Organics chocolate peppermint patties. 

Lunch: was a cacao overnight oats and cacao hazelnut chocolate from Juice Press.

Afternoon snack: was Cashew almond butter (Jem Organics) and a ginger lemon tea from Le Pain Quotidien

Evening snack: before dinner was a That’s It bar and a bar from Pamela’s. Both delicious, clean and gluten-free. 

Dinner: was Mac n’ cheese! I used Explore Cuisine Gluten Free chickpea Fusilli and Daiya vegan cheese! A quick 10-minute meal (plus 6 minutes to get the water in pot hot). 

Dessert: was 3 cashew Ice cream bites left over from what I made at Christmas! Delicious! And no dairy and no guilt woo! 

Exercise today was walking around the city.