Takeaways from this week:

Some days are perfect, other days just don’t seem to be working.

But we keep going, through the storms, we stay strong and grounded, and we always always eat nourishing organic foods.

So Happy New Year friends! 2019 a fresh start. I’m also aware that not everyone had a great transition into the new year, I had a friend’s mother pass away on NYE, and it’s also a time when people have high anxiety. I was also feeling that anxiety and not happy about accepting some of the things in my life that are a battle for me, major obstacles, just like we all have. Anyway, I tried to make the most of it and focused on what I was grateful for and how far I have come.

NYE Breakfast: So New Year’s Eve I started the day with chocolate for breakfast! The new Hu Hunks, chocolate covered cashews and some Heavenly Organics chocolate peppermint. And then later in the morning had more Hunks as I was working on the computer.

NYE lunch: was a piece of the Keto bread I made, the recipe will be up oh Vitacost soon! With a Green juice, the XXX from giving room.

Afternoon snack: Then I traveled back to NYC for New Years! I went to Juice Press and had some cacao overnight oats.

Dinner: I went to Westerly Market (and had to walk all the way around because the streets were blocked off from the crowd for New Years! At this point, the city was alive with so much energy!) I got an Amy’s pizza and organic fries woo!!! That’s what I wanted on NYE.

Dessert: was more chocolate, some more hu Hunks, and some hazelnut butter as well.

When I got home I had an amazing package from Nutiva, a holiday gift of organic fruits! What a great gift to give someone. Giving the gift of fruit to someone is a strong healthy amazing epic gesture! I will be doing a book signing at Nutiva’s booth at Expo West in March for my new book “Cancer-Free with Food”.

I was in Times Square for New Years at my apartment when the ball dropped, it was so so so enlivening to hear the roar from the crowd.

It was also Geney Kim’s birthday! She helped with the Earth Diet mission SO much in 2018 so I wanted to honor her.

FOOD JOURNAL for New Years Day! January 1st 2019. 

For the first day of the year, I declared it a lazy restful day! My aim was to relax in bed all day and watch Friends and listen to podcasts and write. And eat. Haha!

Breakfast: was cacao rice cereal! Gluten free from One Degree. Epic omg this cereal! With Milkadamia macadamia nut milk.

Lunch: was organic fries with organic ketchup and real salt.

Afternoon snack: a Hu Kitchen chocolate hazelnut bar.

Dinner: was cereal yay! I had the Living Raw granola with hazelnut milk this time. Divine.

Dessert: Popcorn from Juice Press.

2nd of January 2019.

On the second day of the New Year I worked at Complete Wellness as it’s a Wednesday so I’m the Health & Nutrition Coach there woo!  So on Wednesday’s I start the day at Juice Press and stock up for the day. I had the cacao hazelnut bar, cacao overnight oats, the waters, and green juice.

I also shared some of the organic fruit that Nutiva sent me with the patients. Organic fruit: the OG candy woo!!

Dinner: I ordered from Dig Inn via Postmates (use: TGLXDS for $100 in delivery credit) and got the brown rice with natural chicken and broccoli and a rosemary lemon vinaigrette, delicious!

Dessert: Was Hu Hunks! Chocolate covered cashews.

3rd January Food Journal

This was a chocolate and green juice kind of day! I also did a hot yoga class at Bode NYC which was so refreshing.

And then today started with a chocolate in the uber on way to the airport and then a juice press cacao hazelnut at the airport. I also had a turkey stick at the airport. I traveled to Utah today from NYC. On the plane, I had some lentil chips, an organic apple, and some peanuts.

Lunch: as soon as I landed I went to Whole Foods and had some organic sourdough bread with some turkey breast, another turkey stick, some Capello’s gluten-free cookie dough omg, and some gummy worms (gluten-free).

Dinner: went to Nancy and Robert Scott Bell house for dinner woohoo Nancy made an organic beef stew. What a treat! A home cooked stew!

After dinner, I made a green drink with Alkamind, from Daryl author of “Get Off Your Acid.”

I also brought the Bell family a holiday gift, hint see these Hu Kitchen chocolate bars! They make the best presents! Get them at a discount on Vitacost.com and use code: earthdiet for 10% off