Today I spent the day in Huntersville, North Carolina with Dr. Buttar and Dr. Ashton. We worked out on a park trail and then spent the afternoon in the kitchen making a healthy feast!
Dr. Ashton, Dr. Buttar, and I had so much fun in the kitchen creating a healthy feast! We made an Organic Superfood Plum Tart! This is a new recipe that will be on my Vitacost blog soon!
I also made Chocolate Sunbutter No-Bake Brownies, this is a classic recipe that I make at trade shows and would have made for thousands of people this year however, the events were all canceled. The frosting is Sunbutter and then I added Hu Gems on top.
For dinner, we made Turmeric Chicken Tenders, which there is a recipe for in ALL of my books because they are so delicious!
Also, to go along with the desserts we made, I tried a new vegan ice cream called Nada Moo, made with coconut milk and sweetened with agave. It was so delicious wow!
Making healthy food with friends and family is always a fun way to connect and enjoy time together.