Today was my last day in Florida, I have been down here since April for quarantine. It’s been such an amazing time of inner work, reflections, gratitude, prayer, spending time at the beach, and enjoying friends in a more limited capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions still being in effect. I decided to begin sharing my daily food journal again as well!

I spent most of my time in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Stuart Beach. I’m sure like most of you, COVID has us making more home-cooked meals than ever before. However, Florida has the most amazing organic restaurants, cafés, and juice bars.

Today I started my trip heading back up north and finally home to New York City. I stopped in Orlando for a night to see some friends and have dinner. Next, I am traveling to North Carolina to visit friends Dr. Buttar and Ashton. I’m going to make some recipes from The Earth Diet for them and I also will be making some online content including lives on IG and FB.

Breakfast and lunch today was from Utopia juice bar. I Stocked up on road trip food from Utopia juice Bar in Pompano Beach, FL. I really recommend this place if you are in Florida! It has everything from açai bowls to superfood salads. The acai bowl at Utopia is one of the best I’ve ever had in the entire world. They also have vegan pizzas, snacks, and fresh cold-pressed juices as well.

For the road trip, I stocked up on cold-pressed green juice, some Courtney’s cookies made with Tigernut flour, a superfood salad, and two Açaí bowls.

For dinner, I met with friends in Orlando, FL and we had dinner at Hillstone.

I chose the trout and broccoli. Fish and a green is usually the healthiest option when eating out.