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Online Health Business School

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If you are a Health Coach, Health Enthusiast, Influencer, Nutritionist, Naturopath, Dietician, or have a passion for wanting to work in the health & wellness field you are going to love this! Learn how to create a six-figure income from your business.

What you'll learn:

1. Learn and KNOW about ALL the ways to make money in this industry and how to do it: This includes private or group coaching, creating an online course, getting published or self-publishing, getting sponsors, social media post campaigns, royalties from brands, affiliate relationships with your favorite brands, corporate speaking engagements, and more. You should know all your options so you can start creating the avenues in which you want to make money. 

2. How to charge clients whether they are a private client, sponsor, or group coaching. And how to protect yourself with contracts and insurance. Learn about market prices.

3. How to get a sponsor - and keep them.

4. How to make money off social media etc featuring your favorite protein powder in a post.

5. Setting up your website which is your ultimate sanctuary, and attracting readers and email subscribers to it. Learn about website hosts, building your own site vs hiring someone else to do it, SEO, and more. 

6. SOCIAL MEDIA: How to get the press to build your social media platform, how to get your own publicity until you can afford a publicist. Learn about all the platforms you should be on and how to GET VERIFIED with that blue check.

7. PRESS: How to get press/media, and getting on other people's podcasts, and more. How to get on TV including ABC News, NBC, and featured in Forbes, etc.

8. ADVANCED TIPS: This will include registering your business, trademarking, budgeting, learning about taxes, bookkeeping to keep your finances in order and will include tips on working with contractors and employees.