Say whattttt! Haha yes!

In 2016 I invested in my very first organic bed, which included a formaldehyde free bed frame, an organic latex mattress and organic cotton pillows and sheets. I have never slept better. I cannot talk highly enough about these beds, and I want everyone to try them. It’s the best sleep I’ve ever had – ever. incredible investment, we do after all spend a lot of our lives in bed, so it makes sense for it to be the most natural organic comfortable environment possible.


All of their bedding is handcrafted with the finest organic material and made in the USA.
The comforter is absolutely divine and so cosy!


Their pillows are designed to support your head, neck & spine while you rest. They use organic latex in our organic cotton casings which hold up time and time again for every use without having indents.


All their bed frames and platforms are handmade with wood from USA trees and are formaldehyde free. All are made with healthy organic material safety.


All of their mattresses are made of the highest quality of organic latex and organic cotton handmade for you in the U.S.

As many of you already know, The Earth Diet lifestyle is about living as natural as possible in this modern world that can be at times overwhelming with chemicals and toxins. It’s not just about the organic foods we put in our body, but what we put on our skin and use in our home also!

And many of us probably don’t think about this, but did you know that conventional beds (including the frame, mattress and linen) are extremely toxic? They are laden with chemicals.

Toxins accumulate in our body and cause weight gain, and make it very hard to shed excess weight, toxins cause skin issues such as acne, psoriasis and eczema, lung issues, breathing problems and more. When I get into my organic bed at night I feel so cozy and so fresh. It’s incredibly safe to breathe in these beds! You will have the best sleeps ever, and remember that if we aren’t getting a good sleep, when the body is over tired and stress, that’s when it craves those unhealthy quick carbs, fats and convenience fast foods.


A friend of mine recommended these beds to me years ago, and she wouldn’t stop talking about it, and then when I went to visit her as soon as I tried out the bed I knew I had to get one!

It’s so cozy that I often send emails and do some work from bed! Haha!

You may have seen other sites that have Natural bed and furniture products but Organic is much safer for you and the environment than Natural is. It’s like a whole other level. There have been multiple people diagnosed with cancer who have changed their products to 100% organic and it has helped them to reduce the chemicals being inhaled in their home. At Mountain Air Organic Beds they are leading the way you think about your healthy sleep!

Enjoy the best nights sleep you have ever had!


P.S. Here are some Live videos of my putting the bed together when it first arrived! It was quite a fun process putting it together and a great sense of accomplishment once it is done!