Takeaways from today:

– Patience doesn’t feel good or nice but it’s necessary and worth it. 

Breakfast: I didn’t fast today, I was super hungry and about to hit the slopes so I had some cookie dough from Cappello’s (gluten free with almond flour and tapioca flour and coconut sugar.) Omg divine! I have a recipe similar for it in my 10-Minute Recipes book but if you need a quick delicious recipe for it! I also made a tea concoction with ginger, earl grey, and dandelion. 

I also had a piece of natural turkey before the cookie dough. For some protein!

Morning snack: I put the cookie dough in my snowboarding jacket pocket and had it after a bit of snowboarding on the actual slopes. Haha, best snowboarding snack!

Lunch: Was at Sundance Resort. I packed my own healthy exciting snacks though, the Simple Mills almond flour Crackers and an organic orange. 

My radio segment also aired today on the Robert Scott Bell Show! We talked about how modern medicine is actually the #1 cause of death in the western world. And about my new book, about mistletoe IV therapy for cancer too! Check it out in the archives at RobertScottBell.com 

Afternoon snack: was 3 tablespoons of hazelnut butter from Rawmio. Oh my gosh, this is divine! Made with hazelnuts and coconut sugar. It’s the “healthy” Nutella. No dairy no cane sugar wooo!! 

Dinner: I was so excited to make a brand new soup recipe! This soup recipe started with sizzling turmeric, garlic, onion, and ginger. Then added celery and artichokes, some Redmond real salt seasoning and added some Explore Cuisine rice noodles

I also made garlic bread with organic sourdough and added some Nutiva coconut oil with some Redmond garlic salt. Divine. 

After dinner had a green drink.