Hi guys! Welcome to my blog and daily food journal – here is an example of what you get to eat on a natural diet that I call “The Earth Diet”. Enjoy! Comments and questions are welcomed. Xx 

Takeaways from today:

– I used to have acne and even acne scars which made me feel so embarrassed! I have used this this particular facefood for years! It’s a must try. Obviously eating a healthy diet helps immensely, but also a topical solution is necessary. 3 things we need to do for clear skin:

1. Juicing and eating a natural diet, I have a clear skin guide in “The Earth Diet” book so follow that for 7 days.

2. Have a good skincare regiment which means cleaning your skin daily and using a good natural skincare face food to feed it!

3.  As you do you skincare regiment say these affirmations, “I accept myself, I accept myself.” 

So for the topical solution checkout Herbal Face Foods! It’s so natural you can literally eat it, and one of the ingredients is oregano, which helps burn off dead skin cells include acne scars and helps with psoriasis, rosacea and even eczema. They are having a New Year Sale right now! So get 10% at HerbalFaceFoods.com/Earthdiet 

Breakfast: I started the day with a green juice from the Giving Room. A for sure what to ensure the body is getting a high dose of nutrients quite easily woo!

I then had organic peppermint bark. High stress situations is when I gravitate towards a release like chocolate. If this happens to you too, the key is choosing a high quality organic chocolate so you don’t feel guilty about it afterwards. Or better if you can make your own so it’s super nourishing. 

Lunch: was 2 organic eggs cooked in coconut oil with real salt, turmeric and cumin. So delicious and fulfilling! 

Afternoon snack: I had 3 ginger teas and 3 cashew ice cream bites with chocolate sauce. (Recipe in my “10-Minute Recipes” book.) 

Dinner: was grass fed beef with taco seasonings (recipe also in my 10-Minute Recipes book) in a coconut meat wrap, with organic fries (baked) and organic turkey gravy. (Pacific foods gravy). And roasted asparagus. 

Dessert: was 2 more cashew ice cream bites!