Liana Werner-Gray’s

Natural Healing Transformation Course 3.0 

Everything you need to know to naturally heal your body using food remedies and transform your health - for good!



What is Liana Werner-Gray’s Natural Healing Transformation Course?

The Natural Healing Transformation is a step-by-step online training course that shows you how to heal with natural remedies, so you can finally heal, restore to your natural body weight by shedding excess weight if needed, and transform your health permanently. 


The health advice out there today is noisy. There are so many different “experts” sharing their opinions on what works and how to be healthy and it’s left people confused. Einstein said “Look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” You will finally get clarity on what is natural, what the body is able to break down and you will know how to navigate with food choices for the rest of your life. You will learn a new mindset so you can eventually share this with others.


Whether you have been suffering your whole life with excess weight, stress eating, over eating or a chronic health issue - The Natural Healing Transformation will transform your health and mindset so you can experience the power of nature to restore your health and break old food habits forever. You will learn how the only way to achieve your health goals and have amazing energy is from a natural lifestyle. If you try and do it any other way you are only opening yourself up for a repeat of the same cycle and habits you are in now. Doing the all or nothing approach is only setting yourself up for failure. A natural lifestyle needs to be properly integrated in your lifestyle. You can adopt a functional approach but this natural approach needs to be included for this to work and for you to finally have a breakthrough with your health.



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How does The Natural Healing work?
When does The Natural Healing start?

Take the first step towards healing your health naturally with this course. There is no other course like this out there. Trust me, I tried everything, 14 years ago I was addicted  to junk foods, I was in a vicious binge eating cycle, I craved sugar every 10 minutes, it was horrible. I tried everything but I couldn’t stop my cravings and I had no control. Until one day I found a lump in my throat. It ended up being a 3.7 cm tumor in my lymphatic system. This is the wakeup call I needed. In my suffering I recieved the greatest gift from God, a pathway to healing which I applied to my life, and have helped tens of thousands of people around the world to do the same. When you join this course, you will get access to all of this. You will finally achieve the health and body you have always wanted. It is a process, and I am here to help you through it with enthusiasm and passion. 

How does The Natural Healing Transformation work?

Once you sign up The Natural Healing Transformation core course modules are immediately available online within your private, member-only portal, and include:

  1. A downloadable PDF of the course teachings, all yours to keep for life
  2. A shopping list for a natural kitchen and home over 
  3. A printable 30-day Eating Plan
  4. The Food Swaps Bible printable PDF, everything you need to fulfill every single craving
  5.  Live QnA call with me once every month 

When does The Natural Healing start?

As well as these modules that you can read and watch my modules instantly, you can start it at your ease and complete it in 4 weeks - considering you finish 1 module per week.

Each week is a new module. You will learn these key things that will help you implement the tools needed to transform your health.

Week 1 you will learn: 

  1. My story and the exact protocol and remedies I used for healing
  2. The Transformation MINDSET you will think from in a totally new way
  3. Learn how the Indigenous people lived from all around the world in perfect health and disease free
  4. The first and only 4 things you ever need to cut out of your health
  5. To start with the top 5 foods on earth that are proven to accelerate your healing 
  6. The power of a food journal for accountability
  7. The UPGRADE system and how to make swaps for every single craving you have 
  8. The hacks for natural Weight Loss
  9. The Three Pillars needed for healing and how you can use this to heal everything and anything.

(It is a bold statement but it is backed up by science with particular foods, and it is our God given right to believe this. I have witnessed many miracles in doing this work for the last 14 years. "But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds," declares the Lord. Jeremiah 30:17. This is a reminder that God’s word is alive and active to address our need for healing, wholeness and restoration.

Week 2 you will learn:

  1. DETOX an the right detox strategy for you, whether it be a simple daily detox hack or a 3 month detox plan. You will figure out what the best detox strategy is for you.
  2. Recipes and remedies; learn what to make and when. You will have new resources and tools in your tool box
  3. Foods for gut health
  4. Foods for brain health and focus
  5. How to read food labels and be able to navigate food choices for the rest of your life
  6. Hacks to incorporate more healthy foods in an easy way and how your taste buds will change with cellular memory


Week 3 you will learn:

  1. Skincare and how your skin is your largest organ, if you can’t eat it dom’t put it on your skin. We will discuss the damage that toxic chemicals can cause your immune system via the skin and talk about natural solutions. 

  2.  Household products and how they affect our skin, breathing, immunity and overall health

  3.  Clothing and how what we wear can impact our healing

Week 4 you will learn:

  1. How to create a realistic maintenance plan 
  2. Your custom shopping list for a total natural makeover. Even if you can’t do it all at once you can make your way down the list!
  3. Intuitive eating and cementing your new mindset so you can navigate with food choices for the rest of your life!

Week 5 Bonus:

 One month free access into my private Earth Diet coaching group so you can have additional support from me and my community after the course ends. You get to attend live QnA calls with me once every month.

Is the Natural Healing Transformation Course right for me?

If you want to break old eating habits and unhealthy patterns to heal and transform your body and mind, then YES this program is for you! It will benefit you if you are:

  • Unable to lose stubborn weight
  • Having digestive system issues
  • Bloated all the time
  • Constantly overeating and eating when stressed
  • Craving unhealthy foods when you know you should be eating healthy
  • Feeling stuck in a vicious cycle of food
  • Addicted to fast foods, processed foods and or sugar
  • Sick and tired of not having energy 
  • Have skin issues like acne or psoriasis
  • Frustarted with suffering from a chronic health issue like diabetes, cancer and more



If you have “tried everything”, you haven’t tried this natural approach with me. It has worked for every single person who has tried it with 100% success rate. The only reason it won’t work is if you give up, so all I am asking you is not to give up. The Natural Healing Transformation Course will transform your health and your life, guaranteed.

In 4 weeks you will dive deep with me to learn everything you need to know to take healing into your own hands. You will get a 30 day eating plan that is easy to stick to, a shopping list so you can be prepared and in control of your health, you will feel nourished the entire time, your body will heal, you will shed any excess weight if thats needed, you will go back to your natural body weight. Your energy will increase, your immune system will be boosted, you will have to tools to not be addicted to foods anymore. It is too much to explain here, that’s why we will spend more time together in the video course.



Who teaches the Natural Healing Transformation Course?

The Natural Healing Transformation Course was created by Liana Werner-Gray. For the last fourteen years she has been teaching natural lifestyle to people from all over the world. Her books are global best-sellers. She has thousands of testimonials from people who have transformed their health.

Liana Werner-Gray is a certified nutritionist, natural food chef and four-time Best-selling author of The Earth Diet, Cancer-Free with Food which is in the top 100 cancer books of all time (foreword by Mark Hyman, MD.), and 10-Minute Recipes (publisher Hay House, Random House/Penguin) and most recently Anxiety-Free with Food which ranked as the #1 best seller on amazon for Neuropsychology. Liana is the founder of Liana’s Organics which launched a supplement for anxiety.

Liana overcame many health issues through nutrition; she believes that food is medicine. Liana is the Resident Health and Nutrition Coach at Complete Wellness NYC. She regularly appears on television including ABC News GMW, CBS, Doctors TV, Dr Oz, The Wendy Williams Show, News 12 NY, Fox news and NBC. She has also been interviewed for Forbes, Yahoo Beauty, Bustle, US Weekly Woman’s Own, PopSugar, iHeart Radio and more.

Liana was born and raised in Outback Australia, and currently resides in New York where she has lived since 2010.

Meet Liana Werner-Gray

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Liana Werner-Gray. I am a certified nutritionist, an author of four best-selling books including Cancer Free with Food which is one of the top 100 cancer books of all time. Most importantly I healed naturally from a 3.7 tumor and early stages of cancer by seeking out remedies in nature. I have worked successfully with tens of thousands of people to help them heal and transform their health as well. 

Questions & Answers

When does The Natural Healing Course start?

The Natural Healing Course is a DIY course that can be converted and implemented in the course of 4 weeks. We recommend finishing 1 module each week.

As soon as you join you will be given to access to a private coaching group via facebook so you have extra support. You will recieve one month free access into this coaching group with Liana.

How much does The Natural Healing Transformation course cost?

The invesment for The Natural Healing Transformation Course is $456. But, you can avail my limited-time period discount of FLAT 20% off for $364.

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