Work with Liana

Get one-on-one Health Coaching with Nutritionist Liana

Liana Werner-Gray is a Nutritionist, Best-selling author, and, Natural Food Chef. If you are looking for guidance on what to eat and how to properly fuel your body, work with Liana one-on-one!

What is included with coaching:

  • Monthly one-on-one virtual sessions with Liana
  • Text support from Liana
  • An individualized meal plan, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks
  • Free membership into Liana's private coaching membership group on Facebook which includes accountability from peers and 24/7 support from Liana and Earth Diet coaches.

Coaching Options:

Single sessions:
Purchase one - 1 hour session *required for first time clients
Purchase one - half hour session *returning clients only

New client specials:

Purchase 3 sessions: Includes one- 1 hr & 2 half-hour sessions
Purchase 6 sessions: Includes one - 1 hr & 5 half-hour sessions
Purchase 12 sessions: Includes one - 1 hr & 11 half-hour sessions

Returning client specials:

Purchase 3 half-hour sessions: save 10%
Purchase 6 half-hour sessions: save 15%
Purchase 12 half-hour sessions: save 20%

What current clients are saying:

Carrie, client

"After three weeks of working with Liana and I'm doing great! I noticed my skin is softer-liking that since it was always dry. The 7 pounds down really gets me motivated to continue as well. I just tried the Fat Blaster and it is awesome! Making the brownie recipe tomorrow. Thank you, Liana and The Earth Diet for this great way of eating healthy!"

Julie, client

"I love your program. I refer people constantly to your site! By the way, the results for my daughter are incredible. Makes me want to cry because she has been battling an eating disorder for almost 5 years and this program has finally been the ticket for her recovery! Her skin, hair, and entire well-being have changed. Thank you so very much. Also, the story in The Earth Diet book was and is a huge inspiration to her."

Nathan, client

"Liana has extensive knowledge about losing weight and getting healthy. Learning from her youthful and vibrant energy can help take you to your next level of health and vitality." 

Tarek, client

"I am so grateful for finding Liana and her services. My health got really bad in late November due to sleep deprivation and I was scrolling thru Instagram and I found Liana. Her books, post on Instagram and her coaching is very helpful in keeping track of the ingredients and vitamins you put in your body and she will recommend the right stuff for good prices and there are discounts on some products. You will regret coaching with Liana!"

Elizabeth, client

"I started juicing, kicked out the preservatives and processed foods, and so far I'm 45 lbs down and still losing! Best of all is that I feel great doing it I definitely encourage anyone and everyone to make this lifestyle change and to strive for healthier living. Make your goal to be healthy, not to lose weight, and the weight loss will just come with it."

Veronika, client

"I started living The Earth Diet lifestyle about three years ago. Before that, I would eat anything, anytime, so I figured out that I really needed a change. Of course, I had my ups and downs at the beginning, but with time I got used to it and I wouldn´t change it. Now that I know what I'm actually eating I feel much better, nourished, with more energy. I became very health conscious, interested in nutrition, and discovered many ingredients I didn;t even know about! My favorite TED recipe? That's a difficult one because I love to cook, but the chocolate avocado mousse & chocolate coconut balls are definitely a must when it comes to desserts!"

Richard, client

"Woohoo, Week 1 7 days, LOST 5kgs (11lbs) !! Lots of changes! So excited for week 2. I am so thankful for Liana.  Off to have my week 2 Lemon drink!"

Rachel, client

"I'm just finishing week 2 of coaching and I've never had more energy!! I even had 1 cheat day and could barely even eat the bad food. I am feeling great."

Melissa, client

"I have never felt better being on the earth diet. This is a great way to get back to feeling healthy and fit at the same time. I have lost 10 pounds so far on this and absolutely love how I feel. Thank you Liana for introducing this lifestyle to me while I was in NY."

Life is too short to not live your healthiest life! Working with Liana you will learn how to feel your best from the inside out. Adapting The Earth Diet lifestyle takes time and effort but it is highly obtainable. Liana can help you to reach weight loss goals, healing, and support in maintaining overall health.