Cancer-Free with Food Video Course

Cancer-Free with Food video course with Liana Werner-Gray, includes a copy of the physical book Cancer-Free with Food. This video course is ideal for anyone who is diagnosed with cancer, care-taking, or wanting to prevent cancer. 


What's included:

1 - Twelve videos (5-17 minutes) with Liana Werner-Gray who starts off sharing what is possible in regards to healing cancer and stories of others who have done it successfully. During the videos:

  • Learn about the Top 15 foods on earth that have been scientifically proven to kill cancer cells, and the foods that cause cancer. 
  • Liana shares her personal protocol, as well as her mother’s.
  • Learn about the difference between juicing and smoothies and which you should do. 
  • Liana also discusses the spiritual side to healing cancer, and why that’s an important element to being cancer free. 
  • Discover simple quick and affordable health hacks that provide major healing results 
  • Learn about all your options! Liana shares an A-Z guide of ALL the known cancer treatments in the world.
  • Learn about nutrition basics and develop a new mindset that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. 
  • Liana shares what all the experts are saying about healing cancer and what to eat!
  • Should I give up sugar? Liana addresses this major question and shows you which desserts are safe to eat. 
  • Checkout how to heal cancer on a budget 

2 - A copy of Cancer-Free with Food book shipped to your home or office.

3 - Bonus material that was cut from the book (to keep it at word count) in PDF form that includes:

  • Your shopping list 
  • Anita Moorjani interview on how it is never too late
  • Affirmations and prayers from the Spiritual Warfare chapter that was cut from the book
  • Nutrition basics recap so you can navigate for the rest of your life
  • What the Experts are saying about cancer
  • How to lose weight with being cancer-free



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