Intellipure Air Purifier

Designed with technology developed through a U.S. Military Grant, the Intellipure is the most effective air purifier on the market. 

Why purchase an air purifier?

When I first started the Earth Diet, I knew that the end goal would be to make my overall lifestyle as natural and healthy as possible. It started with food, then skincare and household products, and now it’s creating my environment to be as natural as possible, which can be a challenge in today’s world, as we face polluted air. Luckily, there is a technology that was able to create air purifiers and give us clean air. An air purifier is an investment, however, studies have shown how breathing in the air that most people inhale is quite toxic and causing many health issues. The statistics are shocking.



According to a group of scientists from The Union of Concerned Scientists, “deaths from air pollution range from 30,000-80,000 per year. To put this into context, these are more deaths per year from particulate matter in the air than from car accidents and gun deaths (combined), and on par with similar numbers of breast cancer or diabetes deaths. But attributing deaths directly to particulate matter exposure is not straightforward, because PM is actually a trigger for other life-threatening diseases such as cardiopulmonary disease, cancer, and asthma, among others.” I did not know that so many people were dying each year from polluted air! Did you? And it’s not a small number, either! The thing about our air is, we breathe it in all day every day, obviously; however, we don’t see what we are breathing in. There is particulate matter floating around in the air, and although we can’t see it, we can actually buy an air tester and test the air wherever we are. If the air reads zero, that means there is no particulate matter in the air at all, but this just does not happen unless you have an air purifier.


Purchasing an air purifier is an investment. However, investing in our health is important! Payment plans are available through Intellipure and you can use my code: Liana to save 10%. 

Purchase an Intellipure Air Purifier

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