Juicing is a POWERFUL way to keep our body healthy for the rest of our lives. The nutrients in juice is like getting an IV straight into the cells which quickly replaces old cells, and helps build a new body fast. If you are wanting to transform your health fast, start drinking one green juice a day. Start juicing today and get healthy right away!


Nama was created by passionate juicers who teamed up with engineers to create the most efficient juicer ever.

Their patented Pure-Press Technology produces up 60% more juice with leafy greens than conventional “quick” juicers, essentially making MORE juice and saving money on produce!

The pulp from the Nama Juicer is dry. Most conventional juicers will leave you with “wet pulp” and don’t extract all of the nutrients from produce.

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The Nama Juicer sells for $399, but they provide free shipping (within the USA) and interest-free payment plans (with ZERO late fees!).

Pre-orders for the AU and EU are now available as well!

The Nama Juicer also has a 10-year warranty – because a good juicer is an investment that should last for years, and Nama makes that their standard!

Get your Nama Juicer for 10% with the code “LIANA”!
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