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If you have tried “everything” but the weight still isn’t moving, then this is for you!

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Now is the time to get the breakthrough you have been seeking for so long. You are here for a reason and it’s not accident you are coming across this information. A natural lifestyle is the ONLY way to lose excess weight and keep it off forever. The body needs proper nutrition to fill the cells with nutrients so they can be energized to drop that stored fat. Nutrition deprivation will keep fat and inflammation in the body. I’ve been teaching this for 15 years and every single person who has applied these principles has been successful.

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This is for you if

You are fed up of deprivation diets

You are sick of carrying around excess weight

 You are addicted to processed foods, fast foods and refined sugars

You are an binge eater

You are an emotional or stress eater

You have gut issues

 You haven’t been eating right for years

You are bloated all the time

You are not able to lose weight

You are trapped in a vicious cycle 

I’m Liana Werner-Gray,

I lost all the excess weight I had gained from processed foods and junk foods (15 pounds to be exact) and have kept it off for fifteen years now. I am a certified nutritionist and best-selling author of 4 books and have helped thousands of people lose weight over the last 15 years. My approach is different to everyone else’s, my focus is to nourish the body with proper nutrition, so the body is feeling fulfilled rather than depleted. This approach has you crave less refined sugars and less processed foods because your nutritional levels are optimal. One of the biggest causes of cravings is that you are nutritionally deprived and therefore will crave refined sugars and simple carbs to quickly try and make you feel satisfied. But we all know this is a vicious cycle because foods that have no nutritional value will only leave you wanting more and cause you to gain weight. This is because when you eat processed food like fast food your digestive system sends a message to your brain saying ‘I didn’t get any nutrients, I didn’t get any food, I’m still hungry so send more food!’ Hence why it’s easy to binge on junk foods!

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The benefits of doing this Natural Weight Loss course include

You will nourish your body with amazing foods and all the nutrients you need

You will have an increased amount of energy

You will learn all the health hacks and top tips that athletes and celebrities use

You will have peace of mind that you are on a healthy path and focused on the abundance of what nature provides rather than focusing on processed foods

You will break that vicious cycle of binge eating

You will heal your body

 You will detox toxins that are in your body and holding you back from losing weight

You will lose excess weight and be restored to your natural body weight

You will balance out your hormones and be in harmony with your body

You will feel and look amazing every single day and be so grateful for it 

You will get rid of inflammation

You will finally figure out that natural lifestyle is the only way to lose weight and keep it off forever!

Don’t waste tens of thousands of dollars like I did learning and making mistakes, and spending unnecessary money on things I didn’t end up needing.

Join the course today!

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What’s included in my 14-Day Natural Weight Loss Video Course?

You will receive 2 hours of video training from me that you can do at your own leisure. You will learn everything you need to learn about how to lose weight the natural way

You will receive a 14 day menu plan that is simple and affordable to follow. You will havs a vegetable juice daily to nourish with cellular nutrition alternating between a beet juice and a green juice. This will leave you feeling fulfilled so you don’t feel hungry all the time.

A Natural Life Shopping List with all the essentials you need to lose weight and keep it off for good.

My Food Swaps Bible so you can learn how you can have your cake and eat it too (as long as it’s the natural type of cake of course!)

3 months into The Earth Diet private membership group on Facebook, valued at $27

An emotional and mental health guide when challenging feelings come up

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What are the modules in the Natural Weight Loss course?

  • Module 1: 
    Natural Weight Loss Foundational things you need for life
  • Module 2: 
    The 4 foods that cause the most weight gain
  • Module 3:
    The top 10 foods for weight loss
  • Module 4: 
    Your foundational diet. A typical day of eating.
  • Module 5:
    The top 5 natural non-food weight loss hacks
  • Module 6:
    Healthy foods and snacks to have on the go
  • Module 7: 
  • Module 8:
    Weight loss on a budget
  • Module 9: 
    The recipe plan
  • Module 10: 
  • Module 11:
    The maintenance plan - what to do after you hit your goal
  • Module 12: 
    Tapping to release weight - it really works!
  • Module 13:
    Q&A, how many calories should I eat? etc.

Here are some testimonials from some of my subscribers and followers over the years. I’ve seen this natural plan work for every person every time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Natural lifestyle is the only way to lose weight and keep it off forever!

Join the course today!

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