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If you are a Health Coach, Health Enthusiast, Influencer, Nutritionist, Naturopath, Dietician, or have a passion for wanting to work in the health & wellness field, you are in the right place. Whether you already have a business set up, or looking to set one up - this course is for you!

Learn how to make six figures doing what you love, from Liana Werner-Gray who has worked in this industry successfully for twelve years. 

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Liana's Successes:

 Learn how to take your business to the next level through growing an email list, getting press and getting verified on social media, publishing a book, creating a video course, and MORE!

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Why I created this course:

I started blogging in 2009, and have made a great amount of money, success, and publicity in these last 12 years. But it took me years of learning, paying for expensive courses, and making mistakes to learn what I know today. Now I am ready to share it with you, and pass down all the tips that helped me to create this success. You don’t need to make the same mistakes I did, do NOT pay ten thousand dollars for a website, don’t waste 50k on publicity, don’t waste time on social media that won’t pay off, and more. You can fast-track your success by learning from my mistakes and doing what all the successful people in the health & wellness industry are doing.

I am a Certified Nutritionist, a Health Coach, I am verified on social media, I have an interactive following, dedicated email subscribers, sponsors, excellent publicity, and have been featured in Forbes, Women’s Weekly, on Dr. Oz, Dr’s TV, and ABC News just to name a few! 

Learn from my mistakes and my successes! I will share what worked - and what doesn’t! 

Are you ready to take your health coaching business to the next level?


The average salary for a health coach is $45,000 a year. Learn what IIN doesn't teach you and take your income to six figures or more! 

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The modules covered:

  1. Learn and KNOW about ALL the ways to make money in this industry and how to do it: This includes private or group coaching, creating an online course, getting published or self-publishing, getting sponsors, social media post campaigns, royalties from brands, affiliate relationships with your favorite brands, corporate speaking engagements, and more. You should know all your options so you can start creating the avenues in which you want to make money. 

  2. How to charge clients whether they are a private client, sponsor, or group coaching. And how to protect yourself with contracts and insurance. Learn about market prices.

  3. How to get a sponsor - and keep them.

  4. How to make money off social media for things like featuring your favorite protein powder in a post.

  5. Setting up your website which is your ultimate sanctuary, and attracting readers and email subscribers to it. Learn about website hosts, building your own site vs hiring someone else to do it, SEO, and more.

  6. SOCIAL MEDIA: How to get press features to build your social media platform, how to get your own publicity until you can afford a publicist. Learn about all the platforms you should be on and how to GET VERIFIED with that blue check. 

  7. PRESS: How to get press/media, and getting on other people's podcasts, and more. How to get on TV including ABC News, NBC and featured in Forbes, etc  

  8. ADVANCED TIPS: This will include registering your business, trademarking, budgeting, learning about taxes, bookkeeping to keep your finances in order and will include tips on working with contractors and employees. Plus MORE!

*BONUS: at the end of the course there will be a live video Q&A with Liana so you can ask any additional questions.


See what current students are saying:

"I love your enthusiasm!!!! You were clearly happy and very excited to be doing this course. You did a great job listing all the ways that you can make money in the business, which opened my eyes to all of the possibilities I have. My biggest takeaway was all of the different platforms to build a website. I had no idea these all existed. This course has been so insightful!" - Monica

"The course has been excellent - very thorough and informative!" - Susan

"This course is everything and I want you to know how helpful and amazing it is! I watched about half of module 5 last night and it was so helpful. I am looking forward to the rest!" - Christina

"Three valuable pieces of information I have learned so far are valuable budgeting tips. Everyone talks about budgeting, but no one shares how. Second, I learned the important steps to putting together a good website. Lastly, I’ve learned the significance of authenticity, persistence, and faith in the business world that builds the confidence you need in this industry. I’m eager to apply all of this information to my personal life and see what path this will lead me and which windows of opportunity will open along the way. Taking Liana’s course has definitely opened my eyes to the endless possibilities in the business field. I have gained so much appreciation for not only her but every successful and aspiring entrepreneur out there.  It is so helpful that there are people like Liana who want to share their information and knowledge with the world. Especially because not everyone has this mindset, so thank you. Thanks, Liana!" - Giana

 I LOVED this course! The information provided was very thorough and easy to grasp. Liana made the whole course enjoyable with her light-hearted, caring and enthusiastic personality! You can tell she really wants you to succeed. It's nice to know you have someone so successful yet so genuine and authentic on your side! I really enjoyed learning about all of the different social media platforms there are and which I think I would like use for my business, who knows, maybe I'll give TikTok a try?! I highly recommend this course if you want to branch out on your own, don't know where to start, and are on a time/money crunch. Truly, everything you need to know or learn will be in this 8-week session. Thanks for providing this valuable information, Liana! - Elizabeth

Life is too short not to be successful and live the life you want! Plus the health & wellness industry needs more people like you! Since the pandemic there is a major influx of people who want health coaching, recipes, information, to learn how to be fit or healthy - and there aren't enough people like you to help. There is a lot of money to be made! 


Don’t waste tens of thousands of dollars like I did learning and making mistakes, and spending unnecessary money on things I didn’t end up needing. Join the course today to maximize your business's potential!

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