The Earth Diet Private Health Coaching Group Membership

Liana Werner-Gray is a Best-selling author, Nutritionist, and Natural Food Chef. If you are looking for guidance on what to eat and how to properly fuel your body, and healing tips- this group is for you!

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What is included with the membership:

  • Daily support from Liana and other Earth Diet health coaches
  • Free gifts- including food and products
  • Unlimited Q&A whenever you need support
  • A 30-day eating plan of Earth Diet recipes; includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and drinks
  • A live stream Q&A once a month with Liana to ask any of your questions
  • Daily inspiration and health tips from Liana
  • Accountability and a positive group environment - where you can really achieve your health goals

*NOTE: This group will take place fully on Facebook in a private group. You are welcome to any time of the month. 

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Whether you are looking to heal from a disease, lose weight, or maintain your health, this group is for you!

Why I created this group:

I offer one-on-one health coaching, however, for many, it is not financially obtainable. That is why I created this monthly group coaching membership for those who want the feel of private coaching, but also have the support of myself, another Earth Diet health coach, and peers at an affordable price. With this membership, I am able to give advice daily and interact with you more, which is my ultimate goal. I am here to help the world heal and for everyone to be in their healthiest bodies. My goal with this membership is to help you achieve your health goals and feel empowered along the way. 


Are you ready to achieve optimal health?


Join the private coaching group today. Membership options as follows: 

  • 3-month membership: $105/one-time payment
  • 6-month membership: $180/one-time payment
  • 12-month membership: $300/one-time payment

*NOTE: This group will take place exclusively in a private Facebook group. 

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I'm ready! 6-month membership
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What current members are saying:

Elan, member

"I am super grateful for Liana and The Earth Diet private coaching Facebook group. It helps me stay on track, is affordable, answers my daily/weekly questions, and finds support with a community. Liana's positivity and knowledge has truly helped form good healthy eating habits from the past year of consuming garbage in my body."

Monica, member

"I absolutely love being part of “The Earth Diet Private Health Coaching Group”! This is a safe environment to ask any health-related questions. I have learned so much not only from the questions that I have asked but also from the questions that other members have asked. Even though everyone in this group has their own individual health goals, I feel that we are all in this together. I love being part of this team. I look forward to the daily group text that is sent to us. Those texts are a positive reminder for me to stay on track. Also, the “Live-stream Q & A” is a great place to ask any questions that you might have. I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing group! Thank you, Liana and your amazing team!"

Tarek, member

"I am so grateful for finding Liana and her coaching group. My health got really bad in late November due to sleep deprivation and I was scrolling thru insta and I found Liana. Her books, posts on Instagram and this private group are very helpful in keeping track of the ingredients and vitamins you put in your body and the admins will recommend the right stuff for good prices and there are discounts on some products. You will regret not joining."

Life is too short to not live your healthiest life! With The Earth Diet group coaching, you will learn how to feel your best from the inside out. Adapting The Earth Diet lifestyle takes time and effort but it is highly obtainable. Join the group today to receive support on your health journey and become one step closer to optimizing your health and feeling your best!