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What people are saying about The Earth Diet:

"Reading The Earth Diet literally changed my life!"


"Check out The Earth Diet. I was having health issues years ago, and adopting a plant-based/alkaline diet changed the game for me!"

"I have all of Liana's books and love all of her recipes. She has changed my life so much with The Earth Diet. Nothing is off limits anymore, was a huge shift for me! I am forever grateful and keep gifting the 10 minute recipe book to everyone who thinks it's hard and complicated to eat healthy!"

"I have ALL of Liana's books and my favorite is the 10 minute recipe book. Liana is my favorite mentor and has helped me WANT to eat high quality foods!"

"Hearing Liana talk about the The Earth Diet on a podcast totally changed the way I think about food and diseases/illness and our approach to health care in the US."

"Liana and The Earth Diet insprie me so much. I have started looking so much better since switching to whole foods. I love all of Liana's books."

"If you are looking for amazing, clean and easy recipes, The Earth Diet and 10-Minute Recipes are a God send. Liana and her recipes have been a huge help with transitioning off of foods that were making me sick."

"After reading Liana's books and having her on Fierce Female Raido, I made a conscious effort to increase my omega-3 fatty acids (in food & now I take supplements), and magnesium supplements too. I notice a visible difference, food as medicine works! 

"I have been following Liana and The Earth Diet for some time now. I love all of her content and wisdom on healthy food choices that can help prevent/cure cancer. My heart has been so anxious the last three weeks. I had three benign growths cut out of my throat in 2014. In 2019 I had another one cut out of my jaw, and another one cut out recently. Obviously we cannot control everything, but we can control our food! I am so grateful for Liana and her wisdom. We need to treat our bodies better so we can glorify Jesus while we are on earth."

"When I got diagnosed like anyone, I was in shock but I also felt an overwhelming sense of guilt. I thought, did I do something that meant I got cancer, have I been eating the worst, most unhealthy food or have I not exercised enough? I even thought about whether my smartphone use may have resulted to this tumor growing inside me. I felt so out of control but one area I could control was my diet.

The book that changed my entire mindset about food and that diet could be medicine out of this was The Earth Diet. It's truly a very special book and has become my bible! 

"After reading Liana's books, Cancer-Free with Food, my life changed completely. I was so lost before and now not only have I dropped weight, but my gut is healed and I feel much better. Liana truly is a life saver and I am so grateful for all her hard work."