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What people are saying about The Earth Diet:

"I have ALL of Liana's books and my favorite is the 10 minute recipe book. Liana is my favorite mentor and has helped me WANT to eat high quality foods!"

"I have all of Liana's books and love all of her recipes. She has changed my life so much with The Earth Diet. Nothing is off limits anymore, was a huge shift for me! I am forever grateful and keep gifting the 10 minute recipe book to everyone who thinks it's hard and complicated to eat healthy!" - @stars2cards

"Hearing Liana talk about the The Earth Diet on a podcast totally changed the way I think about food and diseases/illness and our approach to health care in the US."


"Check out The Earth Diet. I was having health issues years ago, and adopting a plant-based/alkaline diet changed the game for me!" -@mrsfreeman2you

"Liana and The Earth Diet inspire me so much. I have started looking so much better since switching to whole foods. I love all of Liana's books." - @sunsetswims

"After reading Liana's books and having her on Fierce Female Radio, I made a conscious effort to increase my omega-3 fatty acids (in food & now I take supplements), and magnesium supplements too. I notice a visible difference, food as medicine works!" - Estelle

"When I got diagnosed like anyone, I was in shock but I also felt an overwhelming sense of guilt. I thought, did I do something that meant I got cancer, have I been eating the worst, most unhealthy food or have I not exercised enough? I even thought about whether my smartphone use may have resulted to this tumor growing inside me. I felt so out of control but one area I could control was my diet.

The book that changed my entire mindset about food and that diet could be medicine out of this was The Earth Diet. It's truly a very special book and has become my bible!" - @thecancercloud

"I have been following the earth diet for 8 months now. I have lost 20lbs, that is a slow loss, but I am happy. I just wanted to say that since I have been eating the earth diet way, my nails are beautiful and not breaking or cracking anymore. Never had nice fingernails in my life, and believe me, I am old. I am gluten and dairy-free. Into smoothies and teas with lemon. I am so happy." - Barbara

"I have been following Liana and The Earth Diet for some time now. I love all of her content and wisdom on healthy food choices that can help prevent/cure cancer. My heart has been so anxious the last three weeks. I had three benign growths cut out of my throat in 2014. In 2019 I had another one cut out of my jaw, and another one cut out recently. Obviously we cannot control everything, but we can control our food! I am so grateful for Liana and her wisdom. We need to treat our bodies better so we can glorify Jesus while we are on earth." - Kacie

"I have been on TED for 3 weeks now. Within the first 5 DAYS, my stomach issues, as well as chronic heartburn, cleared up!!! I am no longer bloated and my energy has skyrocketed. I'm steadily dropping weight too. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the recipes from TED and have gotten compliments at work about them! I want to thank you for changing my life." Vickie 

"Thank you Liana for all of your posts, I enjoy and read every one! You keep me on track! I have lost 17 pounds since May following your plan and have veered off every now and again but I always go back!" - Carrie

"After reading Liana's books, Cancer-Free with Food, my life changed completely. I was so lost before and now not only have I dropped weight, but my gut is healed and I feel much better. Liana truly is a life saver and I am so grateful for all her hard work."

"Thank you Liana! I have been doing better recently and have lost 5 lbs so far. These tips will help me even more!" - Kelly

"If you are looking for amazing, clean and easy recipes, The Earth Diet and 10-Minute Recipes are a God send. Liana and her recipes have been a huge help with transitioning off of foods that were making me sick."

"Reading The Earth Diet literally changed my life!" - Courtney

Liana and T.E.D. have been fundamental in my health/wellness journey. Ever since I was exposed to T.E.D. my perspective of food, skin care, and life truly changed.  I've referred countless friends, family members, and anyone I come into contact with who seems interested to The Earth Diet. Liana’s way of living life is so inspirational and rings true with me. I have followed her for years, since T.E.D. was just starting, and am so proud of what it has turned into. -CK

“I am 75, and I have lost 10 pounds for the first time in my life. I am feeling wonderful! This is not a diet, this is an enjoyably way to be healthy!” -Johanna

I truly love the work you guys are doing! Running my own personal training company I always thought I used to live a ''healthy'' lifestyle. But after I started the earth diet I felt even more amazing! There are so many misleading products out there and I find it very hard to find good legitimate advice. I'm very glad that I came across you guys! You are doing an excellent job! THANK YOU -Joern Haake

This [Raw Chocolate Brownie] is the 1st healthy dessert i've made, gosh it tastes wonderful and of real quality! thank you for putting these wonderful recipes here! guiltless desserts here i come!! -Lorraine 

 "Saw my doctor today, one year on TED and my health is restored! Thank you!" -Julia

Since January, by learning about the Earth Diet, I've lost 20 pounds, reduced inflammation, and have more energy! I love knowing I'm feeding my cells things that make them thrive! Love learning about superfoods! -Kristin

Liana, you are nothing short of a genius, and I am SO HAPPY after six decades to finally figure out how to eat for my health! My whole body and mind are vibrating with joy because I’M HEALTHY!

AMAZING! This just makes sense that's why I love it. Simple. -Renee

Liana I have to say, I'm so glad you got your wake up call because you (and TED) have been a pivotal part of MY 'wake up' moment and becoming healthy. -Lorraine

Got earth diet book. Love the raw chocolate. Lost 50 pounds kept it off for a year.

Week three of this and I'm doing great! I noticed my skin is softer-liking that since it was always dry. The 7 pounds down really gets me motivated to continue as well. I just tried the Fat Blaster and it is awesome! Making the brownie recipe tomorrow. Thank you TED for this great way of eating healthy! -Carrie Normandin

I am follower of this diet, my body and health are much better after doing this. Thank you earth diet.      -Everton Wallace

And this works!!!!! I've lost 8 pounds already! -Debbie J Noble 

I do so wish l could hug you in person for all the things you've done for me. The suggestions, The Earth diet book and when l had a question, you were right there to answer. Thank you Liana for being there for me and so many others. -Marie Wellens 

I'm super excited about making these positive changes in my body and my mind. Thank you! -Elizabeth

I am so glad to hear from you! I love the book and have been working slowly to incorporate the recipes into our daily diets. After so many years of bad nutrition I felt it was best to take "baby steps" with this. I have noticed a huge change in my energy level and after years of insomnia I am sleeping much better!

Shout out to Liana! Never miss a morning smoothie with ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper!

- Jay Topper

Listened to a podcast with Jim Kwik and Liana making something similar to this and took a stab at my own variation which turned out pretty darn delish! (If I do say so myself)

- Jill Werner

Lovely pics. Your cookbook is wonderful. Janis and I use it weekly (2-3 times) blessings. -@yoursoulstoolbox

Oh wow, that sounds awesome. Thank you, Liana. I finished reading your book cancer with food and it changed my life completely. I was so lost before and now not only have I dropped weight, but my gut is healed and I feel much better. You truly are a life saver and I'm so grateful for all of your hard work. -Mar

The Earth Diet, that's my Bible. It is now in my kitchen drawer in two pieces because I use it so much. - @ariapsalm

My physical health has been amazing ever since I read all of Liana's books and have been committed and disciplined to the earth diet lifestyle. Her supplement is superb. You can find it on - Tarek

Your book has been life changing for me. - Aubrey Colandria

Thank you for the reminder! I was going to start my broccoli sprouts today... since they take a few days to grow. Seeing this reminded me. Starting to sprout broccoli sprouts was the best thing I did! Did you know broccoli sprouts have the highest amount of antioxidants!! I learned that from The Earth Diet. Liana is so knowledgeable on health! - @highheelsandjumpseats

Can't wait to try!!! I'll just be coming off my crap-food detox (no gluten, dairy, sugar) and NOW this will be perfect!!!

(Also me and my 16 year old are reading "anxiety free food" thanks so much for sharing your story and for the book!) - @vibrant_life_edh

You are such an inspiration, Liana! I've been following you for five years as I "upgraded" and broke my junk food addiction and went all organic. Love your Earth Diet and 10 minute recipe books and all of your content. xoxo -Lindsay Fox

I really love this! I can't wait to read your book and then use with clients as a gut health practitioner your principles are easy and clear. Thank you for your work in the world. - @iamdeirdereleigh

Your book has worked wonders!!! Thank you SO much! -@daniellezafirovski

The best nutritionist in the world that really cares about her clients. Liana does amazing work. She's gonna have her own show one day. I am sure of it. -Tarek

Your book helped me in my healing journey. Thank you. - @lauer9204

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness month? If you struggle with any sort of anxiety, I highly recommend Liana Werner-Gray's book, Anxiety Free with Food. The list below comes from her book- 

"Top 10 foods that help to reduce anxiety: dark leafy greens, walnuts, turmeric, wild salmon and other fatty fish, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, broccoli and broccoli spouts, cacao and ginger." @thesylvanwell

I made it yesterday and tried it tonight. I've had just one piece so far but could honestly devour the whole thing. I told my daughter and friend about it. Tastes just like cheesecake- even better, honestly. @amy_sue_adams_poet

An amazing nutritionist with a genuine caring heart. -Tarek

I saw you on a commercial and just wanted to say I'm happy I found you. I'm sooo looking forward to learning. ps. you are beautiful! @the_rasmussens