15 Earth Diet-Approved Restaurants in Washington, DC

dairy-free earth diet fresh ingredients gluten-free lianas organics non gmo organic soy-free vegan vegetarian Feb 01, 2022

Whether you live in the D.C. area or are just visiting, give these restaurants a try! They offer gluten-free, dairy-free, and organic options. Included great upgrades for traditional fast food, and there is even an Organic Chinese option, enjoy! 


Sweetgreen has a mission to build healthier communities by connecting people to real food. They saw an opportunity to reimagine fast food and where quality was never sacrificed for convenience. They offer multiple bowls, salads, plates, and sides with quality ingredients. 

Photo courtesy of Sweetgreen Instagram


CAVA is a great upgrade for fast Mediterranean food. The best option here is to build your own salad. Here is what I recommend! 

Base: argula or supergreens or spinach
Protein: chicken/ seasonal veggies
Hummus: plain hummus, red pepper hummus, harissa (if you like spice)
Topping: any except the feta & pita crisps if you prefer to be dairy and gluten free
Dressing options: Any dairy-free ones 

Photo courtesy of CAVA Instagram


FlowerChild uses the freshest ingredients. They aim to serve food that takes you to a happy place. They can do sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free, but they are not flavor-free! Here are several Earth-Diet approved entrees: 

-Butternut squash and pear salad - no cheese, if you prefer dairy-free
- Organic kale salad - no cheese, if you prefer dairy-free
- Chopped veggie salad
- Glow bowl
- Alex's baked meatballs bowl
- Any of the entrees 
Approved sides: 
- Butternut squash
- Organic brown rice
- Heirloom carrots
- Brussel sprouts
- Gold potatoes
- Roasted broccoli - no cheese, if you prefer dairy-free
Photo courtesy of the Flower Child Instagram.
Fruitive is plant-based and certified organic, yay! All menu items are made from scratch with 100% organic ingredients. They aim to help you take your health to the next level! Here are some of the Earth-Diet approved items I recommend:  
- Any of the juices or bowls, smoothies
- Any of the overnight oats
- Any of the toast-made gluten-free
- Any of the salads
- If they can make the pizzas/wraps GF then those are great too
Photo courtesy of Fruitive Instagram.
Hip City Veg is 100% plant-based burgers, fries and shakes. This is a great upgrade for traditional fast food! They are committed to vegan ingredients, compostable ingredients, and delicious food. The whole menu is Earth-Diet approved- ask for GF buns. The chicken tenders do have gluten but are a great upgrade for conventional fried chicken. 
Photo courtesy of Hip City Veg Instagram.
Vitality Bowls is an epic superfood cafe. Any of the bowls or smoothies are Earth-Diet approved- ask for GF granola on the bowl. In addition to any of the salads - ask for no cheese, if you prefer dairy-free
Photo courtesy of Vitality Bowls Instagram.  
Farmbird's menu is made from scratch daily. They use high-quality ingredients and fresh, never frozen chicken. The chicken is locally sourced. Here are some of the Earth-Diet approved menu items: 
- Any of the plates with avocado basil or spicy roasted fresno
- Sub rice for cauli rice or supergreen salad
-Avocado lime salad
- Approved sides
- Roasted broccoli
- Brussel sprouts
 - Kale and avo salad
 - Sweet potatoes 
Photo courtesy of Farmbird Instagram.
Mr. Chen's Organic Chinese is an organic twist on classic Chinese take out! It is a great upgrade for Chinese food and everything is organic and fresh. Mr. Chen's believes that fresh and organic food produce happy and healthier communities. Here are a few Earth-Diet menu recommendations: 
- Asparagus with ginger sauce
- Any of the veggie dishes - inquire if they have gluten-free options
- Chicken with broccoli
-Chicken in black bean sauce
-Chicken with veggies
- Pineapple chicken 
- Any of the soup options
Unconventional Diner's menu changes a lot! They have many GF and DF options. Great upgrades for traditional comfort food. Yum!
Cane is a great upgrade for Caribbean street food. Delicious! Here are a few Earth-Diet approved items:
- Veggie bowl
- Curried beef/chicken with veggies bowl
- Snapper 
- All sides approved
Photo courtesy of Cane Instagram.
Jaco Juice and Taco Bar offers a variety from tasty bites to nourishing juices and smoothies. This is a great upgrade for Mexican food! Any of the juices, smoothies and acai bowls are Earth-Diet approved. Here are a few other items I recommend: 
- Vegan veggie taco
- Baco taco - no cream or cheese, if you prefer dairy-free
- Tijuana street taco
True Food Kitchen uses local and mainly organic ingredients, yay! Their motto is "When it comes to healthy eating, we choose to look at the plate half-full instead of half-empty, and we want the world to do the same." Almost everything on their menu is Earth-Diet approved, but here are a few of my favorites:
- Korean Noodle Bowl
- Seasonal ingredient salad
- Teriyaki quinoa bowl 
- Grass-fed burger 
- Turkey burger
- Poke bowl 
- Grass-fed steak tacos - no cheese, if you prefer dairy-free
Photo courtesy of True Food Kitchen Instagram.
Elevation Burger is a great fast food upgrade! They serve 100% grass-fed beef and use gluten-free breading to fry their chicken. They use a heart-healthy oil to fry the french fries! These fast-food practices are anything but standard, they are elevated. Here are a few Earth-Diet menu suggestions: 
- Paleo burger
- Elevation burger 
- Vegan burger 
- Crispy chicken tenders and fries
- Elevation crispy chicken sandwich
- Vegan shake
Photo courtesy of Elevation Burger Instagram.
RASA is a great upgrade for traditional Indian food. RASA allows the you the opportunity to nourish your body, explore new worlds, and engage with smiling faces across the table. Here are a few Earth-Diet recommendations: 
- Tikka chance on me bowl - no yogurt, if you prefer dairy-free
- Eat your veggies bowl
- Caul me maybe bowl 
- Aloo need is love bowl 
- Autumn's harvest bowl 
- Can make your own salad bowl 
Photo courtesy of Rasa Instagram. 
Pizza Twist is a great pizza upgrade! Any pizzas can be made gluten-free in addition to adding dairy-free cheese. They cater to vegan and vegetarian diets as well! The majority of their menu is Earth-Diet approved!
Photo courtesy of Pizza Twist Instagram.