Best of the Food From the Weekend.

drink volley earth diet hallstein hu kitchen juice laundry monty's non gmo organic plant based simple mills sproud sunbutter vineyards Oct 27, 2021

What foods did you guys enjoy this weekend? Here is an example of enjoying delicious foods but in a natural earth way. 


This weekend we had friends visiting from nyc yay and of course, we had to show them the best food around!

I have my homemade green juice every day… and chocolate 😆  from Hu Kitchen. Hu Kitchen has organic, paleo, gluten-free, and vegan chocolate options in all sorts of flavors such as salty dark chocolate and more. They also have other products like cookies, crackers, or chocolate gems.

We made the best roasted chicken dinner with Cooks Venture chicken that was pasture-raised and beyond organic. We added in some roasted carrots, broccoli, and cinnamon apples. Everything was so flavorful and yummy.

We took our friends to see Jefferson Vineyards and Blenheim Vineyards on Saturday and it was so much fun. Both of the Vineyards are in Charlottesville and are beautiful!

We went on a beautiful hike at Monticello, absolutely stunning at this time of year for autumn. I packed SunButter to-go packs  because they are an excellent hiking snack to bring to fuel the brain. Sunbutter is non-GMO, made from sunflower seeds, and provides 7grams of protein. I also brought a bottle of Hallstein Water to stay hydrated with! Hallstein Water is an Austrian artesian water source that meets all criteria to be a high quality. 

Later that evening, I enjoyed an organic tequila seltzer from Drink Volley at a greenhouse dance party! It was so cool! Drink Volley makes tequila seltzers in several flavors that are all made with 100% blue agave tequila, organic juice, zero sugar, zero gluten, and all between 100 and 110 calories.

A "must go" on my list was The Juice Laundry where we all got organic smoothies. I love The Juice Laundry because it is local to Charlottesville, organic, and plant based. Additionally, their menu is huge with something for everyone from smoothies, to smoothie bowls, juices, oats, and even a vegan chili! When we got back home, we made organic home-made coffee! It was soooo creamy with Be Sproud, which is a plant based milk that is gluten free, nut free, lactose free, and soy free!!

Later that evening we all went to dinner at The Whiskey Jar on the downtown mall of Charlottesville and I had the most incredible trout!! But, before dinner we put together a charcuterie board Earth Diet style with organic hummus, Simple Mills Crackers, organic raspberries and carrots, Hu Kitchen chocolate, and Dr. Steve Gundry Honey Nut Bars

As for the rest of the weekend, we had plenty of snacks and sweet treats. I cooked a cheese pizza from Amy's Kitchen. Amy's Kitchen has so many options from pizzas, to soups, to pasta dishes, and more. Additionally, they offer so many vegan and gluten free options. I also made Miss Jones Baking Cookies this weekend and added in Sunbutter and Monty's Plant Based Butter to substitute. Even with the substitutions the cookies were amazing!! I loved baking with products from Miss Jones because there is ~50% less sugar than regular cookies, everything is certified organic, and uses no artificial flavorings. I would say they taste better than a regular cookie and is a healthy alternative for a sweet treat.