Food Journal for the First Week of November! Special Chicken Noodle Soup, Dinner at the Mill House in Charlottesville, Immune Boosting Things

charlottesville fall gluten free lianas organics meal prep organic plant based vegan Nov 09, 2021

Started the week with homemade chicken noodle soup! I used an entire steamed chicken for the bone broth,  Explore Cuisine chickpea fusilli, and a Food for Life gluten-free breakfast muffin.  Oh my, it’s divine! It was very dense if you like that sort of thing, and gluten-free! Also so good with Sun Butter or peanut butter. For the soup, I put Monty's plant-based butter on it! Monty's creates the perfect butter and cream cheese alternatives that still taste so good...and everything is plant-based! If you use my code: LIANA10OFF you can get $10 off a 4 pack butter purchase with this link! I love anything Explore Cuisine. They have so many options for pasta alternatives. They have noodle variations from so many plant-based sources like edamame noodles, black bean, chickpea, red lentils, and more. Additionally, the gluten-free breakfast muffin was the perfect addition to the soup and their products are so clean and how they have gluten-free options that still taste good. I loved it so much that chicken noodle soup was actually my lunch every single day this week haha! I felt I needed it to stay warm and healthy during this change of season time. It’s been quite cold in Virginia!

I also made homemade organic fries from Alexia Foods with my Broccoli Popcorn recipe. Alexia has so many options that are easy to cook when you are in a rush and they are non-GMO and organic. So delicious! I added a homemade shitake gravy to go with it. Mmm, a solid veggie dinner!

I had another type of noodle from Explore Cuisine and made red lentil penne with chicken and Rao's sauce for dinner one night too. It was frozen from a week when I did meal prep. Rao's tastes so good and is so much better than other pasta sauces because their products use no tomato blends, no pastes, no water, no starch, no filler, no colors, and no added sugars.


For a sweet treat, I made a homemade cacao shake, so yummy!

I also made ravioli from Cappello's and used the sauce from Rao's again. This was so easy and quick. Capello's has so many options that are all gluten-free. They use clean and simple ingredients like almond flour, cassava flour, cage-free eggs, coconut milk and oil, organic maple syrup, psyllium husk, arrowroot flour, tapioca flour, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, honey, and sea salt. They make pizzas, pasta, and cookie dough! 

Another one of my favorite frozen meals is from Daiya Foods. They make the best vegan pizza for a quick dinner. They are plant-based and offer tons of gluten-free and dairy-free options. They have almost every dairy product imaginable in a dairy-free form. They have pizzas, mac n cheese, ice cream, cheese shreds, cheese sticks, and more.

I went out for dinner Wednesday at the Mill Room at the Boar's Head in Charlottesville. I loved how they had a new, female head chef! Everything we ordered was fantastic. I ordered the duck and scallops.

And for breakfast, I made a lot of organic oats with chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax meal, and raw honey. This is such an easy and filling breakfast.

Ate soooo many organic berries this week for the vitamins and antioxidants, they are truly nature's candy - what a treat!

Enjoyed a gluten-free chicken wrap with hot sauce, lettuce, and avocado. I used a wrap from Siete Foods because they have grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan, and non-GMO wraps available. They use simple ingredients like water, Cassava Flour, Tapioca Flour, Avocado Oil, Coconut Flour, Arrowroot Flour, Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Sugar, Sea Salt, and yeast, that's it! If chicken is already cooked in the fridge and ready to go this can be a super quick lunch or dinner!

A lot of Bullet Proof ADK Gummies this week and if you are looking for a gummy supp definitely check this one out! They are not filled with crazy harmful ingredients like others out there. The gummy gives you essential vitamins that help your body on a daily basis and instead of taking separate supplements, this one has Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Vitamin D! This helps with bone, heart, and immune support!

Dinner on Friday was at our friend's place, the Deals! Very fall vibes with Chili and gluten-free cornbread muffins and a beautiful festive salad. Wine and Sunbutter make excellent gifts to bring your friends hehe!

Last but not least, I had homemade green juice every day! I make it with celery, cucumber, lemon, and ginger and I make it with my cold-press juicer, the Nama Well, and if you use that link and use my code: liana you can receive 10% off your order. This would make an excellent Christmas gift to yourself or loved one this holiday season! A gift that keeps on giving.