Food Journal for the Last 2 Days in Aventura Florida, Found Raw Juce Organic Acai Woohoo! Juice & Java Chicken Enchiladas are Divine, Sunbutter Daily Snack, Supplements

ancient nutrition anxiety free aventura explore cuisine florida phresh greens raw juce sunbutter the earth diet Jun 18, 2021

It's my last two days in Aventura, Florida, and have had so much fun! I started each day with lemon ginger tea from Traditional Medicinals. The lemon ginger tea is beneficial for the digestive system and it is organic! Additionally, my throat was a bit inflamed this week from all the socializing and parties lately so I have been drinking extra ginger lemon tea to soothe and heal my throat. I have been drinking water with pHresh Greens, a raw alkalizing superfood. This is the easiest way to alkalize your body and its non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, free of pesticides or herbicides, and no preservatives. My Anxiety-Free Supplements are a staple for starting the day. They are made from a scientifically derived formula to help reduce stress and anxiety, and promote a happier mood, and nervous system and immune system support. A new probiotic I have been taking lately is SBO Probiotics, which provides healthy digestive and immune system support! For a mid-morning snack, I have been eating Evolved Chocolate. Evolved Chocolate has been a favorite sweet treat lately because it is a gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and organic brand. They also have spreads, butter, keto cups, and bars in so many flavors. 

Another easy snack for traveling, especially at the beach are Sunbutter to-go packs. They are a great source of natural energy!  

I got an amazing lunch at Juice and Java! I got the salmon salad, vegetable soup, and the chicken enchilada. They have locations all over southern Florida and I love their mission of treating and fueling the body well, without forgoing taste.

On the second day, I got lunch at Raw Juce and ordered their green juice and the black magic bowl! It is an açaí bowl with activated charcoal, which is great if you are craving a gut cleanse!

I have been loving Explore Cuisine gluten-free pasta for my meals. It is so easy, healthy, and easy to find at grocery stores.  I just found these photos of their Risoni Red Lentil Rice, a grain-free option to rice! So delicious!  They also have so many other grain-free options from soybean, to chickpea, to mung bean and so many more. They are perfect for a quick lunch or dinner!!