Weekend Food Journal

charlottesville fall gluten organic plant based the earth diet weekend Nov 09, 2021

Saturday brunch was Cool Beans! So tasty and easy to pop into the toaster oven. Cool Beans is a new product I just found, they are plant-based frozen wraps. They are perfect for food on the go and come in so many different flavors like Tuscan basil, tiki masala, sesame ginger, and more. AND...they are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, non-GMO, egg-free, and soy-free!

I tried Snow Days and their pizza bites for the first time! Incredible so very tasty and fun, it’s going to be an even more fun winter with this new product. Talk about a natural upgrade woo! I know so many people will be happy about this healthier option! Snow Days sent me so many different flavors of pizza bites that are grain-free and organic.  Their products are made with simple ingredients that you can trust.

I tried Mikey's super green tortillas for the first time! With Apple Gate gluten-free chicken tenders, lettuce, avocado, and Organicville ketchup! So tasty! I love how Mikey’s snuck in Spinach and Spirulina to the tortillas - more greens are always a good idea! I could taste the Spirulina though so if you like that flavor you will love it. They have other flavor tortillas too. Mikey's has so many products that are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and paleo-friendly. They believe in using high-quality, recognizable ingredients that you can trust. They recreate everyday snacks and meals that can be enjoyed for those with dietary issues or allergens to common ingredients. Additionally, they have so many options and different products. Apple Gate products are made with no GMOs, no added chemicals or preservatives, and all the products come from humanely raised animals. The Organicville Ketchup is awesome and made with simple ingredients like organic tomato puree, organic agave nectar, organic vinegar, salt, organic spices, and organic onion powder.

Sunday breakfast was on the go! On-the-go eating isn’t ideal but sometimes it happens! I had Apple Gate organic Chicken sausages, organic berries, and green juice. Saturday and Sunday’s I enjoy more treats or “natural upgrades”, especially when the weather is getting colder. These Unreal Snacks coconut bites are incredible! A natural upgrade for almond joys! Their products have zero artificial sugars, are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and have no artificial ingredients. Also, they have so many other candy options like bars or peanut butter cups.

Our Saturday night party was Green and Black's organic white chocolate with Unreal milk chocolates, we call them “smarties”. This combo together is heavenly if you like that type of thing! Green and Black pride themselves on using the finest ingredients and green symbolizes their commitment to ethically sourced cocoa and black represents the high quality and intensity of the chocolate. It is so good!

Saturday night was a healthy night in playing tennis. 

Went to Wegman's for their organic sourdough, it is the best sourdough I’ve ever tried in the entire world, and it’s organic using more quality ingredients!! When I eat gluten once or twice a month it’s for something special like this. Toasted it and added organic peanut butter oh my so divine! The bread is made from organic products like organic wheat flour, organic white flour, and small amounts of salt, honey, whole wheat flour, and more.

On Sunday, we enjoyed the sunshine playing some golf, more tennis, and then the sauna!

To finish the weekend, my Sunday dinner was an organic chicken sandwich with the sourdough bread, organic rotisserie chicken from Wegmans with lettuce, avocado, and hot sauce. Simple and delicious.